The Use of the Phone for MLM

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If you’re in a MLM program business opportunity, then the use of the phone is still critical for your success in business. With the advent and massive use of the internet, many people believe they can sit back and hide behind the internet and ‘poof’ people will join their business day in and day out. The truth of the matter is that this does and can happen, but the percentages are so much lower than integrating a full marketing program and full use of all the tools necessary to really win in Network Marketing.

When you think of phone use in MLM, it is not just for calling and dialing leads. There are four main functions of the phone that make it vital for you to get over fears of it, and get used to dealing with it. It is necessary for the success of your MLM Business.

The first and main use of the phone for MLM business is for outbound calls. The name of the MLM game is exposure. How effective are you in getting your business in front of people. One of the chief ways to do this is to purchase leads constantly and call them. You are not trying to recruit them into your business (no, no). Instead you want to simply have a conversation with them. Find out what they want, and if you have what they want take them to the next step.

If you do not have what they want begin to create it so as you speak with more people, you can have it ready. Ultimately, dialing leads, prospecting, whatever you want to call it is basically data collection. You should really be surveying people and leading them to the presentation of your business opportunity or products and services.

You’ll also need to learn how to handle inbound calls. People will want to call you and speak with you for various reasons. You need to learn how to take calls professionally and learn to also use these as data collection and opportunities to close people into your business or onto your service.

Many times people will call you just to see if you’re a real person. Taking their calls is a great way to get them on the phone, and as you know, no one walks on a car lot that is not looking to buy a car. Practicing and learning the skills necessary for inbound calls is an important aspect of the use of the phone for your MLM business.

You’ll also need to know how to use the phone to conduct customer service. You will have customers and although they can contact your supplier, you also want to have them contact you for certain types of issues. It may be something you can help them with about your company’s product or service or about your training program. As you develop a customer service line, you’ll pick up a frequently asked questions list for your product or service and for your business opportunity. Use this on your website once you’ve received a lot of feedback. However, this is a definite reason why you must get comfortable on the phone for your business.

The last reason for the use of a phone for MLM or home business is for team trainings. You will ultimately want and need to set up a team training system to continue the success of your business. These will take place over the phone or via the web through webinars. However, you have to be comfortable on the phone to have successful team training and conferences.

Learning this skill set will help the development of a team

The use of the phone for MLM business is crucial. The phone and business are related and no one can get away from it. You can dodge for a while, but a six-figure business is going to take you learning how to handle the phone. This is a skill-set you must grasp in order to take your business to another level. Once you have mastered it, it is time to train not only your down-line, but a virtual assistant who will handle your calls as your business begins to really grow. This is when you outsource it and only deal with five percent of all the calls needed to be made and received. This is the first and most important skill-set to develop.

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