Is Training Your MLM Leaders On Your Priority List?

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Training Your MLM Leaders Is The Bomb That Will Explode Your Business Success

Training your Network Marketing/MLM leaders – You’ve gotten downlines, and have started making some money, now it’s time to build a real network marketing business. To DO this you must learn to train your downlines to become the MLM leaders you want them to be.

The good news is, training your MLM leaders is no longer a secret. By reading this article you will understand how top earners in network marketing industry train their leaders. Not only will you learn the best ways to train your new reps but your downlines will duplicate you.

In building a successful network marketing business, training your MLM down lines is fundamental. Why?

Because your success depends on the number of the MLM leaders you are able to produce. If you don’t have leaders in your business then you don’t have a business.

You don’t what to make the mistake many MLMers do, they think when one of their downline member reached a certain pin rank they conclude they’ve gotten a leader.

A leader is not judged by pin rank.

3 Rules That Must Be Observed In Training Your Network Marketing/MLM Leaders

Training your leaders in MLM business involves some rules but we will discuss the 3 fundamental ones to get you started fast. If you master these rules, you are already on your way to producing more leaders in your team who will in turn do the same in their groups.

Rule #1: Train Yourself First Before Training Your MLM Leaders

Why do you need to train yourself first before training your leaders? The answer is very simple….You cannot give what you don’t have.

You must possess the knowledge yourself first before you can practically impart it to others.

In other to effectively train your leaders you must understand your topic well enough and, to do this you must avail yourself of a good network marketing training. Gather the knowledge you need as you prepare in training your leaders.

We strongly recommend you spend most of your time learning the marketing area of your business because this industry is all about training and marketing. If you are like many who were told that we are not in business of selling then you have got it all wrong.

The truth is…. you are paid as a result of product or service being sold out in your organization.It was not until we understood that marketing was the missing link in the network marketing business success that everything changed in our business.

So get that now. If you understand this, it will help you know which area to focus your learning efforts for maximum result.No doubt, you now see why we recommend you spend most of your time learning the marketing area of your business.

Rule #2: Train Your MLM Leaders Yourself

Your team members are looking up to you for MLM training information. Your responsibility is to provide it for them.

If you think that your upline or company will train your MLM leaders for you then think again, because even the so-called upline whose responsibility is to train you can’t even lead himself, how then can he train your  leaders for you .If you truly desire to earn big money in this industry you must be a good trainer to train your  leaders yourself.


Because, the big money is in Training your leaders. “Show me a top earner and I will show you leaders in his team”. No leaders no top earner.

If you train your leaders yourself you are in control of your business not just under one upline leader who determines what happens in your team. If he goes to sleep your business goes. When your business is run by someone else you don’t have control over your business likewise your income.

Another reason you should be training your Network Marketing leaders yourself is, when you train your leaders yourself you are positioning yourself as the expert and the good upline you should be.

And once your downlines perceive that you are knowledgeable enough about network marketing they will be inclined to take your recommendations and apply your teachings. Above all they will have confidence in your leadership.

Rule #3: Encourage Independence While Training Your MLM Leaders

The concept of MLM/Network Marketing business is that it allows you to work today and turn your back without even doing anything and you will still be earning on that leg. This means you get someone in today, train him for a while and he becomes an MLM leader, who can train others without your help then you’re done.

So, you must first understand that your job in this business is to train any rep you brought to be independent.

Failing to provide solid training for your leaders will prevent you from enjoying the Time Freedom in this industry and you will have crowd of dependent downlines who cannot stand on their own.

Provide them with solid training that will enable them to grow their business. Don’t just train, if you don’t have value to offer your team members why gather them. If they can’t learn something new it will result in them not coming to your training meetings anymore. As you train, have this goal in mind that you are training them to be independent.

With what we’ve discussed so far, you’ve understood the 3 fundamental rules for training your MLM leaders.

First: Train Yourself First. You cannot give what you don’t have. Acquire the knowledge yourself before you can practically impart it to others.

Second: Train your leaders yourself. You don’t want to rely on your company or upline in Training your MLM leaders. You want to be in control of your business as well your income.

Third: Train and release. Your duty is to work hard today and enjoy freedom tomorrow. So, if your training does not produce leaders in your team then you don’t have a business yet.

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