Remove Distractions for Online MLM Training

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You may be like me or how I was; working in a room full of clutter, a desk full of clutter, and with all this clutter you will have a mind-full of clutter.  When your mind is cluttered up, it cannot focus.  You’ll be here and you’ll be there and although it may appear that you are getting things done and are moving forward you will find that you are at point zero.

It is the mind trick of multitasking that makes people thinks they are getting things done; in fact they are not accomplishing anything.  Distractions come in all sizes, but in Network Marketing or MLM the biggest distraction are other “get-rich-schemes” that gurus and other people offer.  Also, the new “this” or new “that” gurus drop on you; it can be that they will bring traffic to your site or prospects to your business with the push of a button.

If you have a guru or upline leader that you truly love and are inspired by their motivation and teaching; then deal with them only.  Get your mentoring from them alone.  The more mentors and gurus you follow the more you allow distractions in.  One of the reasons is because gurus are always giving away content and more than that offering something to sell.  Going for these will run you up the wall in expenses, but run you further from your goals of climbing up in your MLM business.  Your upline really should provide you with all of your offline and online MLM training but from time-to-time they may not have the answers.

Ask them if they have the answers and if not, have they recommend someone with the answers or do a Google search for it.  The key is to remove distractions for success in online Network Marketing (MLM) training so you can be more efficient with your time.  Your efficiency is what will make or break you with your home business.

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