Online MLM Training :Make a Definitive Schedule

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Good day, today we’re going to talk about being definitive. Rarely in the Network Marketing (MLM) industry are people definitive about anything in it.  They do not take care of the things they are to do with definiteness and then wonder why they cannot build a strong business.  One of the leading things you must do is make a definitive schedule for yourself.  This is one of the cornerstones for online MLM training.  Let me tell you why this is so important.  The average MLM associate or business owner probably works another job they are trying to break free from.  If that is a full-time gig, then you are devoting at least 8 hours of time to that job.

This cuts a big slice of time out of your day (from devoting to your business).  What you normally do is get home, get some stuff to eat, hang out with family if you have those little adorable (but sometimes annoying little things running around the house – we’ll call them) kids there, and then you will begin to get to a bit of work.  That includes checking your back office (to see if you had any accidental sign ups on your company-given website), you’ll call a few people and small talk and attempt to slip in that you want them to come to your business briefing, and you’ll send a blast email to your friends (putting all their names in the “to” instead of “bcc”).

Then life will happen, you know, you either have to change a diaper, talk to your girl or guy, help with homework, walk the dog, change the kitchen towel, do laundry, and the list goes on.  The following day is the same and the weekend is even worse.  Think for a moment, you would not dare treat your regular job like that at all.  You have a list of objectives to complete on a daily basis, you have a set of hours you do them in, and you cannot afford to take any outlandish breaks to change diapers, or walk dogs.  It puzzled me and still puzzles me that people will take their job more seriously than their own business.

So we must change

So we have to change the priorities around in order to make a difference.  If you are currently unemployed (due to our down economy – current year is 2017) then you are in for the time of your life if you are in a MLM company that you enjoy.  You have the ability to devote more time to it, and this is what I strongly recommend you do.  You should get up work out, read a chapter of a leadership book (you can begin with the Law of Success by Napoleon Hill).

Next you get your family situated and after they are situated, I want you to apply for 5 to 10 jobs that are beyond what is thought to be your capabilities.  Apply to be the vice president of a large company, even if you were the mail-guy or gal at your previous job.  This will build confidence and train your brain to think like a CEO or President or vice President.  After you apply for the jobs, then set aside 2 to 4 hours of concentrated work on your online MLM business.  Devote 80% of that time to getting new clients; that means make a goal (such as) to speak with 25 people about your business and what your goal is in your business.

Doing this daily will yield good results.  It will work primarily because of the consistency and the structure of having a definitive schedule and a clear objective of work.  Now, if you currently have a job, you want to make working 1 or 2 hours before work you administrative stuff and working 1 or 2 hours after work for your prospecting.

Commit to a schedule and make it results orientated work.  Such as build a website, talk to 20 people today about your website; call 20 leads for your business, etc.  Your schedule could be twice a week or three days a week.  Regardless, it needs to be taken seriously and to do that you need to be persistent and consistent, working with objective.

Do this now: make a definitive schedule and a task list of things to do during that time schedule.  The things on the task-to-do-list should be results driven, 80% spent on prospecting, and have strong objectives.  Thanks for hanging out today; this will really help your online Network Marketing or MLM training business.  God bless

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