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Step 1 to MLM Success– 

Overcome the Misconceptions about MLM Success

Multi-Level-Marketing (or MLM) success is not about a three billion dollar market for a type of product.  It is not about ten million dollars of product testing or marketing.  It is not about some amazing new double cross matrix or triple bonus compensation plan.  No, it is none of these. Most of all, it is not salesmanship or increased cold calls.

If MLM success was about these things, every person that signed up as an associate at any given MLM company would have roughly the same number of down line associates.  Think about it!  They are all in the same “market” with the same “product” and the same super “website.”

We all know that most associates have a down line that resembles an inverse of the family tree.

Does your down line look like that?

If it does, don’t worry. Follow these steps and you can make it profitable for you and them!

There are several steps to building a successful MLM or Network marketing business. The first step is to breathe a sigh of relief and erase all the misconceptions you have about MLM success.  You are not going to be turned into a hustling super salesman.  Why?  You won’t because those people that you would have convinced to join your down line wouldn’t last anyways. They all would eventually get tired of losing money and wasting time.

Part of overcoming these misconceptions about MLM is to realize that it is not the product or the company or the market of the website.  It is you!  People join you down line because they want to go into business with you.  They see you as a successful person that they could work with and be successful themselves.

In summary, quit trying to be the best closer or salesmen and follow the next steps to become a leader and a MLM success story!

Step 2 to MLM Success –

Become a Marketing Associate Leader

To become a leader in Multi-Level-Marketing (or MLM) it is important to see that it’s not to just about making a ton of money and then watching everyone want to join you.

You have to be a “true leader” from the start

in order to gain the lasting success which will eventually give you the status of leadership in an MLM (such as Regional Director or National Director).  Whatever the title is the principle is still the same.

What does this involve? Let me explain.  You have to have the leadership qualities available and on display before you get there.  Nobody can “hard sell” or “cold call” their way to the top.  If it has happened, it won’t last.

A true leader teaches others to be true leaders themselves.

If this is not happening, the team members will likely be siphoned off by the next hard sell they receive.

If you thought about it for a second you would have to admit that the characteristics of a leader you would follow involve having great personal appearance, communication ability, enthusiasm and willingness to mentor or teach you what they know.  This type of  person that you would follow is who you should try to become.

The first characteristic that most people think of is usually personal appearance.  Are you the guy in the old t-shirt and cut offs while driving a beater car and trying to tell others that they should be like you and use your product.  It is not necessary to look like a BMW driving executive but there is a reasonable, not scary, credible appearance that you should strive for.

Enthusiasm for the product during the first few weeks as an associate is one thing but what about tow or three months down the road?

The successful leader adds enthusiasm for helping others to their enthusiasm  for the company’s products. 

It’s not enough that you like the product.  You need to like physically helping others get their first recruits and like showing people how to be successful in their business.

Communication ability is not just a lack of stage fright and stuttering.  Communication involves giving thought to or even composing your story of product and company discovery.  This ability may need to be practiced and change along the way but it is the key.  It is also the communication with those who are on your team.  Are you passing along all information that you come across?  Are you touching base with everyone periodically? Are you available for three way calls? Are your calls helpful? Are you leading any meetings?  Communication ability is all of these things.

If you don’t have a team, go to another meeting. Be helpful there first.  Look the part. Communicate with everyone. Show your enthusiasm and eagerness to help others succeed and eventually people will be asking to join your team!

Creating the Network Marketing Prospect Funnel

Very few of us can run up to our buddies and tell them,
“Don’t ask me any questions now but you need to fork over $750 and join my network marketing company!”  Well, maybe there are a few of us that can do this but not many have much success with this technique.

The primary means by which most network marketing associates have any success (whether they know it or not) is through a “Network Marketing Prospect Funnel.”  This figurative “funnel” has several entry points which naturally lead people down to business opportunity enrollment and then leadership.  It helps to specify the process to avoid cramming people down the funnel (so to speak) which is almost never successful.

The concept is that people enter this network marketing prospect funnel at different points.  The three main ways are from direct product handout, on-line marketing and success advertising.

The primary (and most popular) means of bringing people into the network marketing prospect funnel is by handing out product samples from your MLM company.  This can be costly as the success rate for this method is still rather low.  Over time this method is effective but it needs patience and persistence.

The secondary means of bringing people into the network marketing prospect funnel is by various on-line marketing strategies including social marketing, content marketing and paid marketing.  This method should be viewed as entering in the “funnel” at a much higher level since most of these network marketing prospects are not ready to “try” your MLM company product.

The third and final method of entry into the network marketing prospect funnel is via advertising the “success” that one has had.  This method is most effecting if there is strong team leadership and leadership training available.  The results usually include several success stories from other members under their leadership and mentorship.  These prospects come in much “lower” in the funnel, since they already have the motivation to join and own a successful home business.

The success of the network marketing funnel depends on communicating to all levels of people that are in the funnel.  They all should be informed of the opportunities and training that is available.  Phone calls, personal emails, newsletters, blog posts and website updates can be effectively used to communicate with them.

Those that entered by the primary means are already ordering and consuming the product.  They should be sent information about the benefits of business ownership, success stories of those involved and training that is available.

Those that entered via the secondary means are primarily searching for information to help them in their own business opportunity.  They should be sent information about the training you personally offer business owners enrolled in your network marketing company.

Those that entered via the third means are already up and running as business owners in your opportunity.  They should be sent information on how to obtain their own network marketing prospects using this funnel approach.

In summary, most successful network marketing associates use the funnel approach to grow their business. And ensure a constant stream of network marketing prospects.  They combine direct product handout, on-line marketing and “success” marketing to funnel prospects into their own successful business ownership

Step 3 to MLM Success –

Get Off the Fence and Become a Customer

You’ve narrowed the choices of MLM opportunities down to one or two with our “MLM Success” analysis and now are ready to take the next step.  This is where real money is getting spent.  It can be difficult to actually buy and there are reasonable “what if” questions that might start to pop up. This is normal.  This apprehension is usually conquered with the product guarantee.  Most companies will offer a full 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.  All you really risk is the cost of shipping (and some companies cover that too).

Before you purchase, however, it is important to look a little further down the road.  If the product you are about to buy as a customer actually does brilliantly solve the niche problem with a unique and reasonably priced solution, it is important to consider who you are buying the product from.  The moment you decide the product is worth telling the world about is the moment the person you bought the product from (or someone in his “up-line”) becomes your team leader.

There are four team leader characteristics to consider when deciding which team to join: Accessibility, Approachability, Support and Training.

A breakdown in any of these areas could lead to frustration.  The first and most important is accessibility.  You have got to be able to contact your leader in a timely manor.  Some teams advertise a team leader that periodically sends out email updates.  Clearly this is not good enough.  A periodic “no-reply” email is not a good way to establish a leader to team member relationship.  There should be a phone number available for the leader.  Call that person periodically and ask several questions.  Ask the same questions over again.  Check to see if they are warm, engaging and happy to be talking to you.

The second characteristic is approachability.  This may be difficult to determine with out meeting face to face.  If it is possible to meet the leader at a home meeting or big area wide meeting, go and introduce yourself.  How did they respond?  Did they introduce you to others? Did they ask you any questions to get to know you?  It is important that they are willing to know you and about you.

The third characteristic is support.  Do they offer you three way call support with anyone you are trying to recruit?  Talk to other team members and ask them what kind of support is offered.  The team leader should have home meetings, lead conference calls, lead webinars and offer three way calls when needed.  This is very important to the success of new team members.

The final characteristic is training.  The team leader should be a mentor.  This is someone who is constantly training his team members to become leaders themselves.  He should provide training courses, classes and tips to get started. There should be enthusiasm with humbleness. The leader doesn’t have to be perfect but should be someone you want to emulate in many areas.

Once you have decided which marketing associate to purchase through and whose team you want to join it is important to consume or use the product yourself.  It is important to develop your own honest testimony as to how it solved the problem it said it would.  Your own personal story will be your most powerful selling tool.

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