Initiative and Leadership in Network Marketing

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All of the great men and women in history have done one thing that the average persons do not do.  That is to take initiative.  Many people can only function today if they are taking orders or are told what to do.  It is a sad state, but some people only respond to what they are told to do and how.  They lack the creativity, the daring personality, the courage to step up to the plate and do on their own accord.  This is why so often we see a great deal of people follow someone who simply had the courage and insight to take the initiative and go.


There is a famous scene from the movie Glory, when Matthew Broderick the commander of the 55th Regiment was shot down dead.  Denzel Washington, who played a role as one of the army officers, then took initiative by running up grabbing the American flag and charging his cohorts to charge forward in battle.  What did he do?  He took the initiative.  If you have found yourself in a MLM or home business organization you either got sold into it, or you took the initiative to get out of the rat-race of a job to earn residual income from a home business for yourself.  I applaud you.


The irony in a home business is the fact that once in you have (joined a network marketing program) you all over again have to take initiative and become a leader.  The reason why is because of what was written in the putting together a team in MLM.  Multi-level marketing programs (MLM) work best when you design a team around you who will learn from you and design their own teams around them.  To do this, if you are not a leader or a person who can take initiative, it is most likely not going to happen for you.


How do you begin to take initiative with your business?  You attend all types of trainings regarding the business.  In house company training, outside trainings such as this course you are reading and compare, use your creative mind to establish a method in which you can operate consistently.  With wise counsel you can embark new marketing, advertising, and leadership trainings.  You are sure to be involved in the “doing” of everything you set out to teach or share.  When the team is stagnate, even if you are, you do not show it and you quickly come up with ways to get yourself and the team back going.  Most importantly, you never ever give up.


To pick up this habit if you have never done so before, a good thing you can do is to start with your job (if you are currently an employee).  I use to be scared to voice my opinion or give input to the team at my job, not because I was shy or did not want to feel dumb for making a suggestion.  Instead, I knew I had great ideas and I did not want them to take my credit and give me nothing.  So I held my best to myself.  Well, I wish I could do it all over again because this is your wisdom in the eyes of your peers and employers.  If they see you consistently giving good input, doing extra, doing more than you are paid; they will soon elevate you.


They will begin to see they cannot operate correctly without you.  They will promote you and if they don’t, they will not want to dispose of you because they will fear you will be of harm to them if you join their competitors.  What this will do for you is set in motion the habit of doing more; being relied on by your current or future customers in your MLM programs.  Taking initiative sets you apart from the next person because the average person does not do this.  The average person has been deeply programmed to be an order taker and not an order giver.  The average person joins the trend and rarely if ever sets them.

Look for things that will enhance your life and take the initiative and do them.  Do them for yourself and do them for the sake of your team, your future, your family.  You can do it for the simple reason is that others before you have done so.  Take charge!

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