Facebook Social Media Training Basics

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Here’s the skinny on the best Facebook social media training techniques in Network Marketing online:

  1. Never use your personal profile!:
    You don’t want your friends and family seeing all your work activity.  Also, you don’t need a second account on Facebook it’s against the terms of service anyways.
  2. Create a page persona” :
    that is, a page that looks and feels like you, but is a page not a person.  Set up a nice looking timeline, add photos, and make it look like you are a normal friendly person (you are, right?).
  3. Switch To Your Page Persona :
    You switch to your page persona by going to the top right drop down tab and choosing Use Facebook As and choosing your page name.  Note:  I never use the same photo for my personal page and my persona page, otherwise you get confused as to who you are when you’re posting.
  1.  Be friendly! :
    Find people, groups and pages with relevant content the same thing you are doing, and get in there and network as your persona.  Just like things, leave thoughtful comments, post helpful pictures, quotes and videos and be a genuinely good person to have in the group.

Facebook Social Media Training Apps

  1. Spice up your persona page with Apps:
    Where things get interesting is when you add apps additional tabs that show up on your persona profile page.  People will come to your persona page to check out what you are about and what you posted, and they will see these tabs as little pictures, and if you make it interesting, they will click through and go to your app.What’s an app?  Well, it could be an opt in form, or a presentation video you want them to see basically, use your imagination and see what you can come up with and remember, check your stats, and if it doesn’t work, change it!This means getting out and commenting, sharing things and I don’t mean your business I mean being genuinely helpful and friendly.  Be complementary, friendly, and helpful.  Your goal is to get people to like what you say and post, and to get them curious and come over to your page to check you out.

How To Use Facebook Marketing For MLM To Explode Your Business Growth

Facebook marketing for Network Marketing / MLM may sound strange to many people. But the truth is that this could be the turning point for a network marketer who wants to take his MLM business to the next level. How?

On the worldwide web today, Facebook is the largest community of people and businesses, even larger than the population of most countries. In fact, Facebook is considered the third largest country after US and China.

What potential does this have for network marketers?

A lot. Network marketing is a people oriented business where numbers make a world of difference. The more people you show the business, the more chances of attracting the right kind of prospects in droves.

Facebook account users are also diversified – people from different walks of life, interests, educational backgrounds, age etc.

Therefore, Facebook marketing for MLM makes a lot of business sense especially considering the large audience you have at your disposal the minute you decide to take advantage of this wonderful tool. Moreover, paid adverts on Facebook cost next to nothing. So, apart from selling your brand on the free platform, you also can advertise to a target market for a fee that is very insignificant.

How do you go about all these?

If you do not yet have a Facebook account, head over and create one immediately. It is free of course. Next, starting building a list of friends from people you already know to strangers who friends are waiting to be made.

Create a business page for your Network Marketing business, request for info on running adverts on Facebook and start an ad campaign to generate likes for your business page. Then start posting marketing messages as updates that will appear on the walls of all Facebook users that are on the ‘like’ list of your ad campaign.

Using social media network marketing business strategy like this will not only eliminate other costly advert methods but also make sharing your opportunity interesting and such a fun.

Then, search out MLM groups on Facebook to join. You will also use these groups to give more exposure to your brand.

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