Free Network Marketing (MLM) Basics Training.

If you are new to Network Marketing and haven’t seen any real growth in your MLM organization as yet then this is likely to be because you haven’t received adequate MLM training and support on how to build your business. There is no need to reinvent the wheel because within the MLM Summit team we have the expertise to help you to succeed.  We have struggled in the same way that you are struggling and, what’s more, we have been able to overcome many challenges and have come out the other side!  Keep reading to find out why we are determined to help you to succeed in your business and to learn more about our ‘MLM Basics – Basic Network Marketing /MLM Training’ e-course.


MLM Basics – MLM  Training Summit’s Mission

My name is Andrew Smith and as the founder of the MLM Summit training resources I believe that it is our duty to give back to the MLM Industry.  My life has truly changed for the better since starting my own business and I believe that this is still just the beginning for our team!Network Marketing Training course

Our team’s aim is to share what we have learned with struggling home-business owners to help them to move along the path to success faster than we have been able to do (that is the purpose of the MLM Basics course). I am so appreciative for the training and support that I have personally received from my business mentors and believe that this is what has enabled me to get to where I am today and get to where I am going in future! That is why we have developed a simple MLM Basics 5-step training system to help you to reach the top in your MLM business, regardless of whether you choose to build online, or using the traditional strategies.

Before we show you how to harness the Internet to build your Network business, we will first help you to lay a solid foundation, on which your long-term success will depend. Steps 1 and 2 of the MLM Summit Training programs are designed to support you in this process, so please commit fully to each and every step of the 5-step training system once you have registered.

Remember, Network Marketing is a business of sharing information so it is important for you to build on your own knowledge base, so that you can educate others and offer value to them.  Once you have improved your own understanding in steps 1 and 2, you will be shown how to build your business offline and online. You will have the opportunity to explore your own preferred marketing strategies so that you can implement them properly in your business.  Being aware of the different options you and your team have available to you will dramatically increase the likelihood of your own success.

It makes no difference whether you are a Network Marketing newbie or a seasoned veteran in the industry, as this free training system is designed to help everyone by providing both MLM basic training, as well as advanced Internet marketing strategies.  The MLM Summit mission is to help everyone in any way that we can!


MLM Basics 5 Step MLM Training Explained

MLM Basics Step 1 Realise Your Ambitions And Dreams

One of the first stumbling blocks for new entrepreneurs is not having clearly defined goals and dreams. There is a huge difference between working as an employee and building an asset, such as a home business. Some new business owners lack the motivation and passion to continue building their business when immediate results are not seen!mlm training system

There are 2 important stages to developing powerful mission and goal statements. The first is to fully identify and define what you want to achieve with your business, including the reasons why those results are important to you. The second is to understand that building a successful business takes time and dedication. If your desires are strong enough then you will be willing to weather the storm and continue moving along the path, even when things are not going your way. It is persistence and perseverance that separate the successful from the not so successful and this can only be achieved with passion and a burning desired to get more from life!

Taking the time to explore your goals, dream and ambitions will provide you with the driving force to move your business forward.

MLM Basics Step 2 Expand Your Base Of Knowledge

Once you have decided that you truly want to be an entrepreneur and you have investigated your reasons for this decision, you have 2 choices: You can either put money to work for you by investing large sums of collateral, or you can put people and systems to work, which is known as leverage.

Assuming that you do not have vast sums of money to invest, it is likely that an MLM business is an ideal option for you. Network Marketing is a business of sharing information, so the foundation of your success lies in your ability to accumulate and share to train your downline for network marketing success

I recommend that you take the time to learn about the Direct Sales and Network Marketing industries and research what it takes to be successful. As part of your MLM Summit Training Pack, you will receive a FREE e-book describing these industries in detail, as well as providing insight into strategies for building your own thriving Network Marketing organisation.


MLM Basics Step 3 Develop A Process

Once you know what information you wish to share with your prospects, you must develop a prospecting process, or pipeline. The objective of this process is to drip feed information to your potential business partners and customers. This is a delicate balance between providing enough useful content, whilst keeping your prospects attention, so often requires you to prioritise the information you wish to share. It is imperative that you offer value (valuable information) before asking for any kind of commitment in return.

There are 3 important skills which must be learned in order to promote your companys products and opportunity. These 3 skills are equally important when building your business Online as they are when using the traditional Network Marketing techniques. The 3 skills are: Approaching your prospects, Providing useful and relevant information and Following up with your prospects. Although the strategies vary slightly, the principles remain the same throughout. Pay careful attention to the relevant sections of the Free MLM Summit Training tutorials to understand these key principles.mlm leadership training

Online marketing enables you to reach more prospects, whereas traditional word-of-mouth techniques generally have much higher conversion rates. There is no right or wrong way, but it is important for you to be able to implement both to enable the success of downline team members with different personalities and preferences. If you understand both approaches then you can coach anyone in your team!


MLM Basics Step 4 Automate Your Process

Once you have developed your online prospecting process you should aim to automate as many operations as possible. This means that your system can run on autopilot and hence, there is no limit to the number of prospects you can share information with at any one time. Use your automated system to sift and sort through your prospects to find those who are truly interested in your offering. Once they contact you, you know you have a red hot lead! Think of this process as panning for the gold among your prospects!network marketing mentoring programs

The big benefit of using this approach is that prospects will qualify themselves. Instead of you trying to identify their needs and wants and matching your offerings with them, they will contact you if what you are offering matches their needs and wants! There is no need for the hard sell and you will be able to spend your time communicating with people who are already sold on your products or opportunity!

MLM Basics Step 5 Coach Your Team

Once your prospecting processes and automated system are set up, you should aim to teach your team to work in the same way. If you can assist them to duplicate what you are doing then you will have true leverage in your business. In the same way that you can systematize your prospecting, you may be wondering if it is possible to systematize your training. The answer is yes and I can teach you how, as this is exactly what I have been doing to coach my downline team in my primary business!

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