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Top MLM Companies – Look Well Before You Leap

Looking For Top MLM Companies To Choose From? Don’t Sign That Form Until You Read This!

Top MLM companies have the potential of ensuring residual income that far outweighs any earning you could ever dream to make by working a 9-5 job. However, knowing the right opportunity to work is not so easy especially with all the noise in the network marketing industry.

How do you sift out the noise and lay hold on the facts of the matter? How do you determine which MLM business companies is the right one for you considering your location, personality and circumstances?

There are four factors to consider in your search for a good MLM business opportunity. Do your due diligence by examining these parameters before you even think of joining any network marketing company.

Factor #1 The Company’s Profile

To identify top MLM companies, you will do well to find answers to these questions: How long has the company been in operation? What are its track records? Does the company maintain consistency in fulfilling its obligations to distributors? Does it experience back-order syndrome? Who are its distributors and how successful are they?

Do not be deceived by bogus claims and unverifiable information which most distributors give on behalf of their companies. Beware of income claims that sound too good to be true.

Beware of new start-ups that entice you with ground-floor opportunity offer. There is no guarantee that the company will stick around long enough for people to re-coup their investments, especially if it encounters challenges that are associated with starting a new MLM company.

Factor #2 Unique Products That Offer Real Value

Top MLM companies have another thing in common – a good product line. It is true that good products is not the basis for success in network marketing, but rather than joining a company with an average product, it would be better you start your own network marketing company.

That is what most people do. They just look around for an average product, negotiate with suppliers and manufacturers and then go multi-level in their marketing plan.

If you know you are not yet ready to run your own company, then look for the company with unique products with real value to offer customers. Check up the prices of the products and embark on comparison shopping to determine if they are over-priced.

What are the potentials of making a living marketing these products? Assuming there are no multi level commissions to be earned on the products, will personal sales be able to generate sustainable income for you? Why not buy a unit of the product to have a first-hand experience of its efficacy to see if it something you would like to offer others.

Top mlm opportunities are not determined only by the company’s profile and the product line. The next criteria is even more important.

Factor #3 The Compensation Plan

A company may have enviable track record and wonderful products, but if its compensation plan is poor or rather exploitative, distributors will be at the receiving end.

How then do you ascertain top mlm opportunities with a killer comp plan? The answer is simple: ask!

It is a pity that most network marketers are ignorant of the comp plan that their companies are using. They don’t even have the basic knowledge of the compensation plans obtainable in the mlm industry.

No wonder why this industry is one of the worst cases of the blind leading the blind (or rather a case of the blind promising to restore sight to the blind!)

Before asking after the comp plan of the MLM business opportunity that someone is presenting to you, it is wise to be in the know. Yes, knowing the various existing compensation plans will help you to make educated decision when time comes to join a network marketing organization.

Top MLM opportunities are determined by the company, the products and the compensation plan. But that is not all. The last but not the least is more crucial than the rest. In fact the power possessed by the fourth factor is greater than all the three combined.

Factor #4 The System Is The Deciding Factor

The best mlm business opportunity is that which comes with a result-oriented turnkey system that anyone anywhere can implement immediately and start seeing significant results. The system must take care of those activities that give the business a poor image when done manually.

It should eliminate fear of failure, rejection and embarrassment. The system should encourage people who are busy in their secular and traditional businesses to participate in the mlm business model while holding their present jobs. It should make it easy and convenient for everyone in every situation who truly seek for freedom from economic servitude.

Without a system, forget network marketing.

The very few top mlm opportunities come with a one-in-all system that does the unpleasant and unappealing business building tasks while the marketer focuses on the human relations management aspect of the business.

A recap of the four factors of top MLM companies: The Company, The Product, The Compensation Plan, The System. Always remember: the last makes the lasting impression on MLM success.

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