MLM Tips: Use of the Internet for MLM Business

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Why do you need the Internet for a massively successful MLM business? The answers to that question can fill 12 volumes of books. Learning how to properly use the internet as a skill set is a MUST. The state of the internet is at an all-time high and it is only going to get bigger. Your future business partners and customers are online waiting to run into you, but you have to be in position to take advantage. In this article, we’ll talk about why this needs to be a skill set you master for your Network Marketing business

The first reason is because of the reach. Scottie Pippen is a Hall of Fame Basketball player and a six-time NBA champion of the Chicago Bulls. Before all of his greatness, he was known as the skinny kid with the long arms. His reach was helpful to him because he could get steals and rebounds based on those long arms. The internet becomes your Scottie Pippen. You will be able to reach more of your potential customers and prospects by being properly positioned online. Even if you were able to get your entire city into your business, you’d max out. The internet is sort of an infinite reach of cities.

Which leads to the next reason you need to master the internet; you can literally go and promote directly in the city you want. You do not have to live in Detroit to grow a solid team there thanks to the internet. And with some of the methods we’ll discuss in a bit, it will make growing a team in a different area a total cinch.

Measurability is also very important for the internet as a skill set. You are able to track, measure, and analyze metrics far better than any other form of marketing. This is one reason why growing a business online is so simple; it is because you can measure things to remove what does not work and intensify things that are working. With tools like Google Analytics, we are able to measure tons of metrics that go on, on our websites.

The last reason why you need to learn the internet as a skill set is because the internet is the best possible employee in the world. The internet works twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It works 24-7 around the clock. I sit back some evenings or wake up the following morning to find I have ‘X’ amount of leads or made ‘such-and-such’ amount of money. Can you imagine going to sleep with $5793.23 cents in your bank account and waking up with $8549.55 cents? That would be $2756.32 dollars you made over night while you were dreaming.

So what are the specific skills you need to learn online? The first skill I’d heavily invest in is in copy writing. As I mentioned previously, if you command the ability to become a salesman in print online, it is like printing your own money. You will be able to sale on demand and that is important. Once you have a website that you know is cleverly and expertly copy-written, now you can send good traffic to the website and that will help it convert very well. Traffic sources include, article writing, blogging, newsletter advertising, paid traffic, paid media, and search marketing (PPC, PPM).

Getting and keeping your internet marketing efforts in good shape allows you to become the expert you need to be. This will translate into good money, a growing business, and a hefty residual income for your Network Marketing / MLM business.

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