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Social Network Marketing | What Maggie Thatcher Taught Me About Social Network Marketing


I’ve been on the fence for a while now in terms of whether or not social network Marketing (Social MLM) can and does help home based business owners to build a network marketing business (and I mean a real downline of distributors not a front line of direct sales affiliates)..


We all like to believe there’s a better way, an easier, more productive way but sometimes change can cause confusion, break good habits and create a vacuum which gets filled by all the wrong things.


Social media reminds me of Mrs Thatchers Britain in many ways, real communities no longer have a purpose or value and the only thing that matters is the role of the individual and what they can offer to the marketplace.

Social Network Marketing

Yes, business is done online but equally there are no handshakes and no real men or women standing shoulder to shoulder building a real future together for their families. People take and walk away as easily as water flows downstream.


Look around Facebook and you’ll see the Big Guns in the home based business world cutting up the cake together, while all around their army of followers are offered breadcrumbs and the promise of future prosperity.

Social Network Marketing – What Does It Mean For Me And You?


I have to tell you I’m still on the fence for reasons which I’ll explain a little further down the page but before we get there I’ll outline what I understand to be the Pros and Cons of social Network marketing.

The Benefits Of Social Network Marketing (PROS)


Global Reach – It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway), that the internet is a global network of shared and inter-connected web properties that once “social” moved business to a new dimension. Today, I’ve spoken with team members in the UK, USA, Australia, Japan and Russia and tomorrow I’ll talk with my partners in Canada and Scandinavia all from the comfort of my own home while planning to build our team right across the globe. If anyone tells you this isn’t a BIG advantage they’d have to be a little crazy, right?


24/7 Conversations – this goes hand in hand with the global business model and is a BIG advantage when you are trying to get momentum into your business. Let’s face it, building a network marketing business is not easy and the early days can feel long and lonely when you have just started. You’ve enrolled your mother and the guy from the local pharmacy on autoship and neither of them seem to share your passion for the company’s compensation plan. Finding and developing leadership can be a lot easier when you’re playing on a global scale and able to talk with your team (and be reached) 24/7.


Instant Feedback – With Facebook Chat, Twitter direct messaging and Google + we’ve become familiar and ready to share our thoughts and reactions at the push of a button. For the networker, this offers an opportunity to encourage rapid conversation and thought sharing and with the right approach can produce instant sign ups from unfamiliar and often unknown prospects.


New Opportunities – keep your ear to the ground and your eye on your news feed and you will see new opportunities arriving daily, presented like some secret sauce for you to taste before you buy. If you didn’t realize it, the web has and is getting a lot more competitive and to compete these days you have to offer a LOT for very little and that’s why you see so many new opportunities offered for free for 7 days, 4 weeks and sometimes a lifetime just to get you through the door and into a paying seat. For someone with a sweet tooth, the internet and our ever expanding social networks provide a lot of eye candy.


Continued Training & Personal Development – Information products have and will continue to be a familiar and favoured product online. It isn’t cheap to put one of these together but it is getting easier with so many outsourcing options and plug-in membership site options for web developers. Crafting a product that can teach you how to be a better leader, stronger on the phone or that bit more organised has allowed a lot of unknown network marketers to make their name in the industry and make a small fortune in the process and if you’re ready to hand over your money, you too can learn a little about yourself you never knew before.

The Drawbacks Of Social Network Marketing (CONS)


Lack Of A Local Network – Unless you are able to connect with your social networking contacts on a local level you will always feel as though you are drifting from one language to another online. Facebook may have 80 million users from the US but unless you start adding them one by one from your local city it’s likely that you’ll reach your friends limit while working your way towards Alaska


No Down Time To Think, Plan and Take Action – Decisions made in haste and regretted at leisure.. or something like that! The saying may seem old but there’s some truth in it still today when we look at how we interact with people online. It’s too easy to say the wrong thing, answer without thinking things through or agree to something you had no intention of buying into. How many products have you bought this year that slid down your Twitter feed that are sat somewhere on your PCs hard drive and are likely to stay there without ever being seen or used.


No Way Back – The internet and social networks can be unforgiving and if you’ve struggled in the early days when joining Facebook and made a few errors adding the wrong friends or sending links to your business opportunity that you would rather forget about, there is always that feeling that your future success will be held back by your past mistakes. I know a lot of people believe it’s possible to come online and reinvent yourself by setting up a new profile and adding a feed of motivational quotes but if it isn’t you who is it?


Too Many Distractions – Social networks are fast paced and highly entertaining places and while this can keep you amused and enthused it can also become a graveyard for the easily distracted and let’s face it; most networkers ARE easily (okay, very easily) distracted.


An Ever Changing Playing Field – So today you think you have Facebook sorted and twitter eating out of the palm of your hand. Okay, it’s taken you six months to come to a point where you can safely tell your friends you’re a Google + genius but the work and all those sleepless nights and expensive information products has been worth it.. right? You’re on top of your game after all and people are beginning to notice you. You had five new likes on your Facebook Page yesterday and if this keeps moving forward at this pace by 2014 it is possible you’ll be generating those 50 free leads a day everyone keeps talking about, right?

And then BANG!!

Facebook decides it doesn’t like MLM guys (they smell a little) and Google hates networkers even more (they smell a lot) and LinkedIn has now decided the shiny suits and sleazy salesmen can go play somewhere else because LinkedIn is NOT the place to talk about something that sounds a lot like a Pyramid scheme (and anyway they think you smell a hell of a lot too)..


So they’ve moved the goal posts again and now you are back trying to find a new way, a new tool or another piece of software that will let you take a couple of small short cuts just to get back to where you would have been if only you’d kept focused and built your business the right way from day one…


…One person at a time, talking, teaching and mentoring those who put their hand up and say “hey Jack! I’d like to take a look at that MLM business of yours – can you call round for a coffee later?”

Social Network Marketing – Here’s what I think…

Social marketing or social network marketing as it’s called is a term we’ve invented to label something that has been around a long time but just looks a little different today.

We’ve created an industry around and within the social web and made a few people very wealthy while most have chased the dream that after all we’ve been told there really is a better, faster and easier way to make money in MLM.


Network marketing is a people business, built by people just like you, by connecting one on one, sharing ideas, visions, values and aspirations and by committing to one another that whatever happens you’ll be there for the journey. It always has been and always will be that way. Find one person today who has the same vision and work ethic as you and tomorrow help that person to find someone else and pretty soon you’ll be building an army of MLM distributors to take on the world..!

Social Marketing – A Time Tested Alternative


If you’re struggling to understand the internet and battling to build your MLM business while signing up for every affiliate product under the sun, why not enter your details into the form at the top of the page and download your free copy of the postcard plan.


No hype. No cost. No slick sales pages either.


Just a little bit of reality in an industry with a lot of stolen dreams.


Who knows, you might just find a simpler way to reach your goals without the unfulfilled promise of social marketing.


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