Top Network Marketing (MLM) Recruiting Secrets Your Upline Never Told You

Why does Network Marketing or MLM recruiting give most people nightmares they don’t wish to experience again?

Simple! They do not know two undercover secrets that pull the trigger of network marketing recruiting success.

It does not matter how good you are with the art of persuasion, or how great your communication skills are. It is not even a matter of your social connections or the size of your warm market list.

All those don’t mean a thing if you are ignorant of these 2 little known but obvious facts of Network Marketing (MLM) recruiting. Knowing and applying them is sine qua non to your overall business success.

mlm recruiting system

Define your target market

MLM recruiting begins with identifying your target market. All other factors combined cannot compete with this key factor in importance.

Why is that so?

Because those who want to be all things to everyone end up being nothing to anyone.

As a network Marketer your first task is to know who you’re looking for, or better still who are looking for you.

Are you looking for anyone who’s dissatisfied with their jobs and need a change? Then you should be ready for frustration because the scope is too broad to make any noticeable impression.

You have to narrow down the scope so you can come down to the right group of people who will be responsive to your offer.

The process of narrowing down the general market to get to the market segment that will be most responsive to your offer is what defining your target market is all about.

It is necessary to identify this group because a successful business comes from giving the right people the right message. Effective recruiting is really about marketing a solution to people who already have a true desire for it and are really seeking for it

If you plan to succeed in network marketing you better know who these persons are – including the things they are interested in, the needs they have and problems you can help them solve.

what is mlm recruitingIt starts with asking and answering the right questions

  • Who might be interested in network marketing?
  • What kind of things are they looking for, thinking about and talking about?
  • What are some of their problems I can help them solve?

Knowing this is the first step in recruiting a continuous stream of highly interested prospects.

Positioning yourself as a Valuable Information Provider (VIP)

In MLM recruiting, people join you for two reasons only. They believe you have the expertise of the leader who can guide them aright if they finally decide to do network marketing; you have a system they feel will be of great leverage value to them.

In order to recruit effortlessly, you have to show people that you know what you’re doing.The way to do this is to teach people all you know about the network marketing business, the challenges involved, mistakes they should avoid, problems they might encounter, mlm recruiting system

Then you show them the system you and your team are using for lead generation, MLM recruiting, building downline etc, and how it is helping you overcome those challenges that other network marketers are struggling with. You never ever mention your primary opportunity at this stage.By giving them such valuable insight into the topic of their interest you are building credibility.

They begin to see you not as someone desperate to sever them from their hard-earned money but as someone knowledgeable and genuinely interested in helping others to start and run a successful business of their own.

You have succeeded in positioning yourself as a trusted friend. With your new role as an adviser, you can begin to see why you should not be promoting your opportunity and products any longer. Your priority is to provide valuable information to members of your target market.

Knowing the Meaning of Network Marketing:

MLM or Network Marketing definition varies from person to person, yet a certain principle runs through each definition. The three letters in MLM stand for multi-level marketing.

Multi-Level means many levels. This is a term used to explain the chain of people involved in the distribution of goods and services for a company.
Unlike conventional distribution channel used by most companies, multilevel marketing makes use of independent distributors who procure the right to market the products of a company and to recruit others to do the same.

mlm recruiting secretsBy recruiting other distributors, the initial distributor builds a team of distributors on his frontline level. As these also recruit more people who also do the same, the initial distributor builds a network of distributors on different levels of the sales force.

By asking what MLM stands for, it is important that you also know that multi-level marketing (mlm) is an innovative and smart marketing strategy employed by smart marketing companies to quickly and easily penetrate the market and deliver their products to the consumers without the costs and bottlenecks of traditional distribution method.

MLM by-passes the middlemen in traditional distribution, and this creates a wide range of advantages and possibilities both for the company and the multilevel marketer.

No MLM definition will be complete without talking about the compensation or commission structure. This is probably one of the main reasons why a lot of people are attracted to this form of distributorship.
In multilevel marketing, commissions are paid out to participating distributors who are directly or indirectly involved in the sale of the products.

The commissions are paid on many levels (multi levels) of the sales network depending on the percentage that each company sets for its profit sharing.

So, what does MLM stand for?

It stands for a method of distribution whereby ordinary folks are recruited to market the products of a company, recruit others to do the same, and earn a commission on not only what they personally sell but also on sales made by those they recruited directly and indirectly depending on the number of levels determined by the company.

Let us recap the two top secrets of MLM recruiting.

  • Know your target market first
  • Position yourself as an expert guide for your target market

Now that you’ve known the top 2 MLM recruiting secrets, we are sure that this additional gift will help you apply the knowledge in practical terms.

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