3 of the Best Network Marketing Resources

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Pretty much daily someone will email me asking me to provide them with my list of the best MLM resources to explode a network marketing business?

But what cracks me up is the response I provide these people is not what they had in mind when they asked the question. They were hoping for the latest sponsoring program or some such deal.

Which I can’t stand that they were looking for another tool, because way too many net-workers spend most of their time doing just that. Looking for the tool, reading another book, listening to another album instead of taking what they have already learned and building the business!

There is no doubt that success in your business does come down to having access to the best network marketing resources, but they are not another book to get lost in, in fact your success comes down to these 3 network marketing resources…

(Consider this a waning, what I am about to tell you might not sit well with all of you)

MLM resources


1: Your Company… It cracks me up, how way to many people think that they will make it to the top with any company.

Now when somebody shared this with me I got fired up and went for it, and personally I would think that once the truth has been revealed to someone they would do the same as I did. But it is unreal to me how many people do the exact opposite and stick with their dead beat, going nowhere company.

Here is the million dollar secret (literally)… if you want serious success and the pay checks that come with it, in the network marketing industry, you must leave your old company, you have to find a new solid company that has not entered the exponential growth stage yet, get in and help them do it, this is when the big big bucks and serious success stories are created.

Alright then… here it is! If you are with one of the old timer companies, anything over 15-20 years old and are wondering why you have not had success yet… then I am talking to you. Time to pack up and get out of dodge before you drive yourself crazy trying to figure out why you are not getting any tractions. And you never will with that type of company!

I am sure you are already saying to yourself, no no no, my company is promising me we are about to hit exponential growth, or are heading into wave 3 where real wealth is created… wan wan wan.

Ding dong… that’s my alarm clock ringing in your ear, screaming at you to snap out of it… if your company is over 15 years old and has not hit the exponential growth curb, it ain’t going to. And if it already hit the billion dollar a year mark, that ship as sailed and you missed the big bonus check boat baby!

(see I said you may not like what I am saying)


2: Your Teams Leader. When I found a leader worth partnering with, that was when I first achieved real success in this business.

This new mentor of mine held the keys to success for me, he had the road map, was on it himself and was doing incredibly well.

Do not get me wrong here, the leader you work with does not have to be the person who sponsored you, however you do have to have access to them. They must be there to help you when you call.

All though this mentor is not there to baby sit you, they do need to be there to answer your calls when you or a prospect have a question or need advice, etc.


3… Systems for Sponsoring that have been proven to work and to work for anyone who desires success, must be a part of any team you join.

Nobody has ever made it to the top of any company in network marketing without proven systems in place that are used for recruiting and as well as training new members.

And whatever you do, do not make the massive mistake of thinking you can take on this role of `Systems Builder`by yourself, and be able to build a business at the same time, it will be way too much and you will not get anywhere.

The easiest and smartest plan is to take this information and use it as a criteria to research teams that are out there, find one with all of this in place and simply lock in and get to work,

Wrapping Up: As hard as some of this information may be to swallow, it is the real deal. It took me about 12 years to figure this all out, for it all to come together for me, do not wait that long. Lock into the concept of these 3 network marketing resources and finally get to the top.



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