Network Marketing Solutions | 3 Tools To Take Your MLM Through The Roof

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Network Marketing Solutions

For most people, network marketing is a part time business with the objective of a full time income and a lot of free time at the end of a long and sometimes frustrating network marketing road. Let’s face it; the journey can be tough at times and any help along the way should be welcomed with open arms. For those who survive their first year in network marketing, the key to success is to find solutions to the many challenges your business will face in the coming years and those who solve problems faster will most likely be the same folks who build big teams and large commission cheques. If you’re planning on success and are ready to head off towards the light, let me see if I can offer you a helping hand with these simple but highly effective network marketing solutions. 

Network Marketing Solutions – Three MLM Tools That Are Critical To Your Success


Time Management Tools


One of the main resources you have when building your business part time is YOUR time. This could be 5, 10 or 15 hours a week or more and every minute within those hours is critical to your teams growth and development. Here’s a couple of time management tools that will help you to stay focused on the job in hand.

  1. Google Calendar – Plan calls and team follow ups and stay organised.
  2. Stop Watch – When working on your business from home I find it really helps to work in blocks of time and a stop watch or timer can really help. Here’s the one I use and it’s 100% FREE!


Lead Management Tools


The days of carrying scraps of paper in your pocket should be left to one side if you are planning to build a serious business. Treat your business like a business and it will repay you as one and investing in lead management tools should be a priority for you. Here are a couple of my favourites.

  1. Aweber– if you are handling leads online and working towards building a list of prospects, you need to manage these contacts efficiently and effectively. Aweber allows you to see exactly what your prospects are doing, are they reading your emails and clicking on your links or just letting your stuff sail down the river into their forgotten file?
  2. Phone Burner– if you are making a lot of calls to a lot of leads you need to be able to manage your follow ups the right way. This tool allows you to manage all your leads, record a voice message to leave for prospects and automatically send out an email after speaking with someone on the phone.


Business Presentation Tools


If you are not making presentations, you are NOT building your business..!

Some marketing systems will have a business presentation built into the set up or will allow you to invite people onto a webinar by email. My advice is to find and master one or two tools that allow you to personally present your business opportunity and to find a company that has a few simple presentation tools to help you get started. This allows you to build your team when you first begin by using the tools provided (and means anyone can duplicate this too) and also means you can begin to put your stamp on things as you start to grow as a leader. My favourite tools for webinars is


Network Marketing Solutions – The Bottom Line

The tools you use to build your business are only effective when and IF you put them to work. Don’t be fooled into thinking they are your business because they are not. You are your business and the more time and resources you put into yourself the faster your business and your income will grow as a result.

There are other time management tools on the market that will do something similar and something quite different but these tools and this article should help you to stay focused, productive and get in profit with your business and combined provide you with the perfect solutions for building your network marketing business.

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