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Without Network Marketing Tools, Your Business Is Just another Rat Race

Network Marketing Tools – Work Smart And Let The Tools Do The Hard Work

Without network marketing tools, the odds are high against you in your MLM business building process. Your MLM toolbox is a determinant for the level of success you will eventually have from all activities relating to your business.

Tools are very important to the networker who places high premium on his time. Time-conscious MLMers invest in MLM tools development because they understand the importance of doing so. Among other benefits of using tools are:

Simplification Leverage Time Salvage Standardization Eliminates Rejection Professionalism

Network Marketing Tools also take care of those business building activities that most people find unpleasant, uncomfortable, or embarrassing, such as cold calling, product retailing, follow up etc.

The network marketing tools you need should not in any way be connected with your MLM Company. Your company is your business partner and not your business. You reserve the right to sever ties with it and form other ties with any company you like. Moreover, tools provided by your company are just promotional materials about the company’s products and services.

Therefore, the MLM tools you should be using are those that will position you as a professional marketer; address the need of your target market; attract qualified prospects to you and convert serious ones into customers or members of your team.

Experience has shown that using standardized network marketing tools reduces failure rates especially in the case of the new distributor who is still inexperienced and incompetent. Even experienced networkers report a higher success rate using tools.

This is because MLM tools eliminate human error and personal inefficiency.

Network marketing tools are necessary in the following key result areas of your business: Lead Generation, Prospecting, Follow up, Inviting, Presenting, Recruiting, Training and Motivation.

There are excellent tools to use online like blogs, websites, autoresponders, webinars, lead capture page, lead generation system such as My Lead System Pro etc. However, let us look at two MLM tools that network marketers like you can use offline to generate leads and do the prospecting.

The Lead Generation Tool

Are you still cracking your brain with that memory jogger your sponsor gave you to generate names of people to show the business? That is old school approach. I didn’t say it didn’t work. It did.

However, Network Marketing tools that anybody can use to generate qualified leads without going through the rituals of making names list have rendered the traditional memory jogging obsolete. Ask me why?

Because the memory jogger approach is founded on the philosophy of ‘everyone is a prospect’. That is why your sponsor warns you never to pre-judge while compiling the list. You have to put down every noun that sounds like names of people you’ve met before or even names of people you’re not so sure you’ve met before, such as Mungo Park or Herbert Macaulay.

Whether they might or might not be interested is not a factor, just keep writing, don’t judge, and don’t even worry whether the person behind the name is still alive or dead. After all everyone is your prospect!

Again, the memory jogger lead generation method does not produce targeted, qualified leads whereas effective network marketing tools do just that.

The Tool That Generates The Best Leads

Placing adverts in widely circulated dailies and industry-based magazines with well-structured messages that target seekers of information about home based business ideas is among the effective network marketing tools for generating leads.

Radio and TV adverts are also good lead generation tools you could take advantage of. Many will discourage you against using these as MLM tools for generating leads saying they are expensive. The truth is:

……every thing of value and quality must cost something.

However, the cost of mass media advertising is not the problem. The real problem is that most network marketers have a ‘micro-cheap mentality’. They are always looking for the cheapest ways of doing business without paying attention to the image they project by using those methods. Their motto is: the cheaper the better.

Taking advantage of mass media advertising as one of your network marketing tools for lead generation is a professional way of doing business. Rather than writing it off because of the cost, why not form an Ad Pool whereby ten marketers or less pool resources together to run ads on magazines, radio and TV stations. You could work out how to share the leads generated through the campaign.

There are other less-expensive ways of generating leads offline that you might also want to explore. When you finally choose to implement any of these, make sure you apply educational marketing when crafting the advertorial message.

The tool that does the talking

Network marketers are taught that all they need to succeed is just talk. ‘Talk to people’ is their mantra. Some are so used to it that they even talk in their sleep. This approach is one big reason why many don’t join our industry because they just can’t see themselves doing all the talking involved.

It is true that marketing involves a lot of talking, but must you be the one doing the talking? Why not take advantage of communication technology as one of various MLM tools for the talking part of your business?.

After using a lead generation tool to get targeted leads, all you need do is plug them into an information delivery funnel. You then use these network marketing tools to ‘talk’ to them about the variables of network marketing that they need to know in order to make informed decisions.

The best and most handy way to do that is through mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is the offline version of online auto-responder email marketing. It uses the Global System of Mobile Telecommunication (GSM) handset to deliver text messages that pre-sells the lead on YOU as an expert MLM consultant positioned to offer valuable insights into the best home based business model.

To use this as one of the network marketing tools in your arsenal, get a bulk SMS service provider. Produce a series of sms messages comprising of valuable tips and facts of MLM home based business. Schedule the delivery sequence. Decide the delivery interval for the messages, say every 2 days or 3 or even weekly. Send out the SMS pre-seller info to the phones of the leads that responded to your advert campaign.

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