Is MLM Prospecting Giving You Sleepless Nights? Relax, You Can Now Go To Bed

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MLM Prospecting Is The Life-Wire Activity Of Your Network Marketing Business. MLM Prospecting sets the stage for your business growth and productivity and that is why you cannot afford the luxury of neglecting the necessity of acquiring the knowledge of effective network marketing prospecting techniques.

Why is that so?

Sales prospectingBecause prospecting involves elements of your business that exerts phenomenal influence over people’s perception of you and your opportunity.

Such factors as Image, Believability and Credibility are tied to the mlm prospecting process. If you score low on these factors, it will result in the following:

Misconception, Lack of credibility, Resistance and Rejection, and of course Discouragement on your part.

Ignoring any of the basics is like riding in a car with engine problem. A crash is unavoidable.

That is why it is very important to start off your network marketing prospecting on the right note.


MLM prospecting is like a man proposing to a lady he wants to marry.

Do you prospect people the first day you meet them? If so, you’re like a man proposing to a lady the first day he meets her.

Sounds absurd? Exactly and that is the same way it is in network marketing.

It is not always productive to present your business opportunity to someone with whom you are not familiar. Doing so makes follow up difficult.

However if you are on familiar terms with the person, and he has already told you something about himself, you now have a common ground to recommend your product and opportunity to him after earning their trust

Therefore your first task in mlm prospecting of people you do not know is to build a relationship Why is that so?

Because as a stranger, you lack the ingredient that inspires someone to take you seriously and make a commitment. That element is TRUST. For you to earn people’s trust, you must first build a relationship with them before you ever present your opportunity to them

By building a relationship you now become a friend they know by name and with whom they can share information about themselves and their situations.

By getting to know them more, you are positioning yourself to become a trusted acquaintance who they might listen to his advice and follow through his recommendations.

If you do not know someone’s problem, how can you be in a position to offer a solution?

MLM prospectingAs you can see from the foregoing, relationship building is the pre-condition for mlm prospecting. Ignoring this requirement is tantamount to jumping the gun in a relay contest.

Many networkers have the wrong view of this relationship building. It is not uncommon to see a network marketer approach a stranger and after chatting with him, collects his contact information

After a few days or even a few hours, the distributor calls the new contact he has acquired and starts presenting his business opportunity to him.

The distributor believes he has built a relationship just because they introduced themselves and exchanged phone numbers. The next thing that occurs to him is to start prospecting.

With this mindset, the network marketer cannot hide his ulterior motive for exchanging contact info with the stranger. The so-called new friend he believes he has made will easily smell the trap.

The moment he picks the distributor’s call and hears him talking about a business opportunity or a product, he quickly figures out th reason for the ‘friendship’. Even if he pays attention to the prospecting pitch, he may be doing so out of politeness and not because he is interested.

Even when it is clear that he has shown interest, the distributor will have great difficulty earning his trust because he has just revealed his real motive for becoming his ‘friend’. And without trust, there will be no commitment.

In such situations, following up the prospect may be a Herculean task as the network marketer experiences resistance. The prospect may even start avoiding his calls.

In conclusion, always remember this mlm Prospecting Rule #1:

Build relationships and the relationships will build the business.

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