Do You Know Who is Your MLM Prospect

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Knowing your MLM prospectWhen I go about my network marketing program, I go about it first knowing who my MLM prospect is. You do not want to go into a fight not knowing who you are fighting. I remember watching Rush Hour some years ago and actor Chris Tucker walked into a joint and was immediate kicked in the face by some Kung Fu artist. He asked which one of the many men in the room kicked him in the face. One guy replied and the fight started.

Knowing Your MLM Prospect

 Christ Tucker broke the rule; he came into the room not knowing who his enemies were. When you go blindly trying to proposition people to your business opportunity, you may spend valuable time or money with the wrong person. For this reason it is essential that you first learn who your prospect is. Are they middle age men, stay at home moms, rebelling twenty year olds, frustrated CEOs or doctors. Once you get a hold on whom it is you need to talk to in order for them to listen to your message, you next need to find out why they would want your message.

The Way to Know Your MLM Prospect

Stay at home moms will start a MLM business with you for totally different reasons than an ousted CEO or disgruntled lawyer would. This makes for preparing your attention and interest hooks differently for such people. Sure we know most people look at MLM-home business-network marketing for different reasons altogether; but generally it comes down to lifestyle, money, and time.

Get into the minds of your prospects, those that will be your customers and those that will eventually join with you to fight the “forces of evil.” Learning their motivations put you light years ahead of your competition because you know why someone walked into your car lot. They obviously need a car; but why? When you know why, you can suggest the vehicle more and really help them. People love you more when they feel like you knew them.

I do it all the time, when I feel like this guy knows me and understands’ me and my situation; I feel very comfortable buying from him or taking his advice. This is why it is expedient that you study to really learn who your MLM prospect is. Don’t stop there, once the sale is made, continue to survey them so they can actually help you perfect your sales process by telling you exactly why they were looking for your MLM Company.

Now You Know Your MLM Prospect .In the future, you’ll be closing more and more people easier and easier all because you truly know your MLM prospect.