3 Mechanisms of MLM Prospecting: Good and Bad

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Mastering MLM prospecting necessitates mastering human psychology.  Effective MLM prospecting demands tools and a system.  Merely memorizing MLM prospecting scripts and tips is ineffective. The mastery of MLM prospecting is certainly all you need to build your business.  I hope you recognize that the MLM business is a profession.  Specialize in this skill set and you will win.

  1. MLM Prospecting System and Training Anything that will make up a significant entity follows a system.  An MLM Prospecting system needs to be duplicate-able and simple with distinctive components that help to attract prospective customers and/or business partners, maintain relationship and warmly converts.  This is sort of a roadmap that will remove lots of guess work from your business.


  1. MLM Prospecting Tools You need to be taught how to use tools for MLM prospecting if you aspire to truthfully cheat time and become financially free.  One of the many traditional practices in MLM prospecting is the 3-foot rule.  While I totally understand that this has made a lot of people become millionaires in history human kind, I have to tell you that this procedure does not make the best use of your most precious resource: TIME.  Nobody becomes financially free unless making best use of time (true leverage) one way or the other.


  1. MLM Prospecting Scripts You need to know that MLM prospecting scripts can get in your way to the top in MLM game; especially as a beginner.  Most reps get stuck with using them in the same exact way it is written down.  It does not come out real and your prospects can detect this. My prospect asked me the first time I used a script, is that what they told you to say?  Try not to sound like a machine to your prospect I get piqued every day and trust me, there is nothing as foolish as an individual reading a script to get me in a private business reception (PBR).  Master the concept and say it your own inimitable way based on the previous rapport you had with the prospect. Ask yourself, are you truly leveraging or still be scared of MLM prospecting system and tools?  Are you still riding a horse 1500 miles to ask grandma something or simply making a phone call?  Do not be deluded, change is the only thing that is here to stay permanently.  If you do not consent, you will not be in business for much too


How To Qualify An MLM Prospect


We as network marketers are running from pillar to post to get prospects join our primary business opportunity. The more we run after them the more the prospects avoid us. The secret here is to the opposite of what 97 percent of other network marketers are doing. By demonstrating leadership and getting the prospects to qualify on certain parameters can turn the tables in a huge way in our favour. And also when a prospects gets a feeling that his joining our primary opportunity does not affects our business then we become the hunted instead of being a rambling hunter. And like everybody else even a network marketer’s time is also precious so he should put right people into his business and here are the few things for him to qualify his Mlm prospect and recruit leaders instead of tire-kicking wannabes who only want a job.

1) Is he a leader or has leadership qualities – Is he a leader or does he have it in himself to be a leader. Most of the people are genetically programmed to follow leaders. It is only be demonstrating leadership one can have people to follow one. People are not born leaders but they become by choice by adding value to themselves and giving unselfishly back to society in the form of a skill, new learnings etc. And naturally money also follows them.

2) Is he full of passion – A person without passion is literally half dead. And you would not like to give your valuable time to a person who does not have passion in his life and who is just trying to make both ends meet because he has to. A person with passion can do wonders for yourself and you should be having atleast 5 to 7 passionate people in your team.

3) Do they have the never giving up habit – This one is most important trait of a successful person and that is the never giving up habit.Most of the people quit too soon. If they don’t have this habit then it should be your idea to teach them this thing because the easiest thing is to quit and the hardest thing is to stay and by staying there they have a chance of success.

4) Is he willing to take responsibility – Everybody is responsible themselves for their own successes and failures and some people have a habit to make excuses and blame other persons for their defeats and failures and you would not like to recruit these type of people in your business. A successful person always takes responsibility for his actions and even failures.

5) Do they have the responsibility factor – They should be willing to take responsibility for their own successes and failures. A lot of people blame other people or their circumstances for their failures and the person who accepts responsibility of his failure is the person to look out for.

When you start selecting and qualifying your prospects then you will not only recruit the right people for your business but you will also save your precious time spent on training the not so suitable ones. For example you get 15 deserving people to join your business and six of them turn out to be diamonds next year. How about it and it would be great for your business.

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