Seven Steps To Find The Best MLM In 2017

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MLM 2017

This decade is going to be a BIG one for the multi level marketing industry and 2017 is likely to be the year. MLM really takes off but before you head off into the wilderness and find yourself up at all hours searching for the best MLM Opportunity to join take a few minutes to read the steps below and set yourself off on the right foot.  Read on to find the best MLM in 2017.

Let’s begin!

Multi level marketing is a proven and time tested business model, but for many it is still the land that time forgot. A place where only the brave (or some say foolish) will ever go and where great MLM monsters walk the land waiting for some unsuspecting newcomer to pick up and devour. Face facts, network marketing has had its share of horror stories over the years but are those stories a fair reflection of the industry and what it can offer you in 2017 and beyond?

I don’t believe YOU should ever believe what others tell you is the truth, until you can stand and review the information being provided to you feeling truly informed and knowledgeable. Without knowledge you have no control over your future and with knowledge your future is truly limitless.

The seven steps below will allow you to gather that knowledge and do your due diligence before committing your future (or not) to the wonderful world of MLM.

Seven Steps To Find The Best MLM opportunities In 2017

Step 1 – Understanding the MLM Industry in 2017

The network marketing industry has been around since the early part of the 20th century, growing out of the door to door sales model that companies like Mary Kay and AVON helped to introduce. Since its introduction a large number of highly respected companies have followed the same route and sold their product or service using the multi-level distribution model. Companies like;

With the introduction of the internet and the global economy we’ve seen a rapid increase in the launch of new MLM companies. While this might seem on the surface to be a good thing, beneath the waves there is a danger which if you are not careful can cause serious harm to your chances of success. That danger is a lack of focus and long term commitment to the company you and your team choose to build their future with.

The internet is full of articles, videos and other media promising and promoting the next big MLM Pre-Launch and while this might seem exciting at the time of launch, soon after the real work begins and you need to knuckle down and build your business. Don’t fall into the trap of believing all the hype around the next BIG MLM or you’ll soon find yourself swimming in a sea of losers waiting for the next wave to come along and in truth it might never come. Do your research, commit to your company, catch that wave now, stay focused and get the job done!

Step 2 – Understanding the MLM Compensation Plans in 2017

If multilevel marketing seems confusing to you as a business model this next part could get even more confused!

MLM Plans come in all shapes and sizes but basically fall into three types;

  • Binary – This is the new kid on the block in many ways, although the Binary Plan has been around a good while now. It’s basic premise is to build 2 legs, one which you get paid on and the other which dictates the amount you can earn (a percentage of your bigger leg is paid out if your smaller leg qualifies for payment). Different companies introduce different additional requirements and qualifications with this plan and my advice is to take a detailed look at the plan and ask someone who knows (and isn’t financially involved in the decision) for an unbiased evaluation of that particular plan taking into account your own personal situation.

Read More About The Binary MLM Plan Here

  • Unilevel – The unilevel MLM planis the one most people are familiar with and it has a long tradition of being seen as both fair to the individual distributor who does the work and rewarding to the business builder who builds a big team. I have to say, from a personal perspective, I like the Unilevel Plan. If you find a company with money at both ends of the plan (encouraging new people to build while rewarding those who commit and build long term) you have a solid base to work from and should see a good level of retention in your team.

Where Unilevel plans struggle by comparison to some of the binary systems is that they don’t create a BIG earner quickly – the Binary plan does this by positioning the “early birds” who come into the company right at the top of the plan and having the rest of the business built beneath them.

The moral of the story…Miss the early stages with the company who has a Binary Plan and you may well have missed the boat!

  • Matrix – A good number of companies operate a matrix model. This could be a 5×7 plan or a 3×10 plan or any number of variations on this model. The matrix model gives you the business builder a “market place” of a set number of customer positions and as you build, you fill these positions. What is good about this plan is that it forces your sponsor to also fill these same positions (within your business) as they recruit people into their team alongside you.

While this sounds like a good idea and can be, don’t be fooled into thinking this means you don’t have to do any work. Often, there will be added requirements in place to allow you to get paid on your customer base and if you are someone with ambition, be sure to look at the plan in detail and make sure you will not be restricted if your team are not building their business as aggressively as you are building yours.

Step 3 – Understanding the Impact Baby Boomers Will Have On MLM in 2017

The “Baby Boomer” generation was born between 1946 – 1964. They hold somewhere close to 60% of the wealth and have moved through the latter part of the 20th century creating, breaking and banishing entir industries with their needs, wants and desires. This generation was responsible for the mass appeal of MacDonalds, the increased investment in Real Estate and the boom or bust we’ve seen over the last 20 years on Wall St and the financial markets.

As this generation heads towards retirement they have three main concerns and these are;

  1. Income – Many have lost their planned retirement funds and are in need of an additional income source. MLM has the potential to offer them that but you have to be realistic in terms of the type of company, the productsor service and the marketing tools these folks are going to feel comfortable with. If your company does not offer a product or service that can be easily understood and talked about, this group of potential business partners are not going to buy into it – however BIG a deal it might appear to be to you!
  2. Health – Baby Boomers want to stay fit and healthy like the rest of us and want to enjoy their retirement for as long as they can. Your company’s products need to offer them a way either directly through their consumption or indirectly (through the compensation plan) to reach their health goals. From a product perspective, find a unique consumable product with health benefits or you’ll find you are battling uphill as the years move forward. We are becoming more health conscious so take this into account when searching for the best MLM in 2017.
  3. Happiness – Why wouldn’t Baby Boomers want to retire happy? We all do! From a business stance this means finding a great company who know how to reward their team of distributors and offer incentives as well as events where your team can meet and socialise. Not everyone comes into MLM for the money (okay, money is a part of it) .. but for some folks it’s about what the money gives them back in terms of time freedom and the opportunity to meet and spend time with likeminded people. Find a company and a team if you can who know how to party as well as how to run a successful business and the Baby Boomers will come running (slowly) in your direction!

Step 4 – Understanding What To Look For In An MLM Company in 2017

Multi level marketing companies come in all shapes and sizes these days and with the internet making almost everything so easly obtained it is pretty straight forward to set up a business, find a few products or a unique service and slap an MLM plan on the back of it. Take NOTE: there are some folks out there who will promise you the world and deliver every little and some companies have these folks running them!

Find a company who has the following four key points in place:

  1. Debt FREE – The company MUST be 100% debt free!
  2. Strong Corporate Leadership – Look for experience both inside the MLM industry and outside of it!
  3. Customer Support In Place – Make sure you and your team will get your questions answered and your customers will get their products delivered on time!
  4. History Of Success In The Industry – Look at the leadership and the company record of success closely and make sure it holds up under the microscope!

Step 5 – Understanding What It Takes To Build An MLM Business in 2017

Multi level marketing has changed a lot in the last 10 years or so. The internet has offered new and exciting ways for networkers to market and with the introduction of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube it has become increasingly easy to connect with new people and build a large contact list. But a word of warning!

Social networking (adding videos to YouTube, chatting on Facebook, tweeting til the small hours) might seem like a great way to build your business but it will NOT build your business. Here’s a short reminder of the four key tasks you need to master to make your MLM business a success:

  1. Prospecting
  2. Inviting
  3. Presenting
  4. Training Your Team

Without carrying out these four tasks daily, weekly and monthly your business will not grow and your income will go backwards. Plan for success and carry out your plan!

Step 6 – Understanding What You Need To Avoid To Be Successful in MLM in 2017

We’ve already hinted at some of the areas I believe you need to avoid in order to be successful in building your MLM. But one thing we haven’t talked about yet is mindset. I used to believe this was all just a load of mumbo-jumbo new age nonsense and for many years I believed it was possible to get where you want in life without digging too deep beneath the surface. After all, you never hear Richard Branson talking about mindset and yet he’s had huge success in business, right?

But the truth is that having the right mental state is critical to your success and that can only come over time – affirmations don’t work instantly and in order to reach your goals you need to get to work and not sit humming in meditation all day. However, there are a few things you need to avoid that WILL help you get on track and stay on track while working on improving your state of mind along the way. Here’s my list of three quick tips to get you started;

  1. AVOID Negative People – They Make YOU Negative!
  2. AVOID Watching The News – It Makes YOU Negative!
  3. AVOID Comparing Yourself To Others – It Makes YOU Feel Undervalued, Insecure AND Creates Negativity!

Step 7 – Understanding The Bottom Line – The Real RISK of NOT Building And MLM Business in 2017

The world’s economies are travelling towards stormy seas right now and although this current economic crisis won’t last forever, it will last for another 5, 10 or maybe 15 years. During that time, those who position themselves with the right company, the right product and the right compensation plan will have the opportunity to create unlimited wealth and build the kind of future they previously thought was available only to Rock Stars and Movie Stars.

Some folks will build fortunes into the millions of dollars while others will create financial freedom on a smaller level by paying off all their current debts, owning their home outright and building a retirement nest-egg that will mean life will be simple and full of fun for the rest of their lives.

You have a choice right now..

To decide to build your own MLM business and commit to your future success. To develop the skills needed to be successful. To stay focused and not get distracted each and every time something shiny and new comes your way…


To walk away and decide (really) the network marketing industry isn’t for you.

Whatever decision you make is fine and you should make it. I’m NOT here to make that decision for you. I wish you well either way.


Be sure that the decision you make today is the one you can live with when you are old and grey and listening to your grandchildren talk about what they want out of life. Because their goals and dreams were yours too one day

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