Do You Know Why You Are In Network Marketing?

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One of the first questions I am often asked by the person I am talking to about my network marketing opportunity is: “How much do you make?” When I first started in the business I was afraid of this question, because I was new and not making anything. I didn’t even fully understand the company compensation plan. I admit that I resorted to telling them that my up-line was making good money. That was a mistake.

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The fact that some people in your company are doing well, does not mean you or anyone you bring into your business will do well. In one company I was in my up-line went from zero to $10,000 a month in six months. At that time I was not able to duplicate that.

To answer the question, “How much do you make?” you have to understand that the person is really asking, “How much can I make?” So never make the mistake of telling them how much your up-line is making. Instead your initial focus has to be on his or her wants and desires.

Your first order of business is to find out if they are interested in an opportunity. If there is no interest then stop talking because you are wasting your time. This is important, if they are not interested thank them and move on. If they begin asking about money then you know they are interested.

If there is an interest then you need to find out their why. Money is never the reason why people get into the business. The real reason people are interested in joining your business or opportunity is behind the money response. To find the real reason you need to find out what they want or need the money for. Do they need money for retirement, do they want to quite their job, or do they want to buy a new car. Remember, the reason is always hidden behind the money.

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Everyone has a different why. Never presume everyone wants to earn $25,000 or $75,000 a month. Avoid the big dollar claims when discussing your opportunity or business because people often confuse big money with easy money. Always focus on the persons why to get to the real reason someone wants to join you in business.

When you determine a person’s why then you can help them obtain it using your MLM opportunity. Here is a tip for those who are new to network marketing; maker sure you understand your why before you ask others about theirs.

I don’t like to work with someone unless I know his or her why. If I can get someone to understand what he or she really wants and desires then I can help him or her achieve it. I don’t want to sponsor someone into my business opportunity just for a matching bonus. It is a waste of time. People will stay on auto-ship for a couple of months and then drop out. I use a system that helps people identify their why before we begin working together.