How to Get Prospects for Your Opportunity

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I’m going to start out with the “bottom line: on finding prospects for your network marketing opportunity.  There are only two ways.  One, you hand out samples of your MLM company product and try to get phone numbers for follow up or, two, you create a process of attracting network marketing prospects from online or print advertisement.

Special Note:  Once you have presented your network marketing opportunity to your family, friends and neighbors, you should not beg them about it.  They are not your primary source of prospects.  They are just practice presentations.  Tell them they are practice.  If after your presentation they feel compelled to sign-up, then it is you they want to join.  Congratulations! You are on your way!

What about these “presentations” of your network marketing opportunity?

Some people are more comfortable with talking to people and, on the other hand, some people are more “internet savvy.”  The truly successful learn how to do both.  Since these are the only ways to get network marketing prospects and enroll people in your MLM opportunity, it pays to be comfortable and able to do both.

New MLM opportunitySometimes it is how we are looking at something that makes it seem difficult.  A presentation of your network marketing opportunity should not be something formal.  Think of a presentation as a conversation with someone you know.  If you don’t know the person, you should get to know them first.  Ask questions.  The idea is not to tell a stranger everything about you and your business at the beginning! It is to show interest in them so that you can help them.

After you get to know them, you simply tell them your story.  Tell them what the problem was that you had.  Tell them who you met and what they told you.  Be honest with how you responded to that person and what doubts and concerns you initially had.  Finally, finish up with what the results were for you.  When you are done, stop and listen!  Add at the end what you have to offer as a leader and mentor and give them your contact information.  That is it.  That wasn’t a formal presentation but all your information got presented.

Not everyone will want to try the MLM company product that you are talking about.  Consider it practice.  The more conversations you have, the more comfortable you will get at this!

Where do I start with on-line advertising?

There are many voices in the crowd about effective on-line advertising.  The problem is that most of the information that you will find on-line is incomplete.  You may find some great videos and articles but still not know how and where to start.

MLM online advertisingAny service should include instruction on how to create an on-line presence which is helpful and informative.  One of the basic components of this includes a “landing page,” which is a website (other than your MLM company website) with a video or picture of you and a description of what you do. Another component is a regularly updated blog.  Finally there should be articles you’ve written and submitted to online e-zines and videos that you have recorded and uploaded to online video service websites.

It is also helpful to have continuing instruction on how to best to connect with people using social media, email and phone calls and how to set-up and use email auto-responders.

In summary there are only two ways to get network marketing prospects for your MLM business opportunity. You are either handing out your product personally or you are handing out information on network marketing online.  Each way you have to make a personal connection and demonstrate leadership and a willingness to help them.