Three Free MLM Leads Generation Methods In Nigeria

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Finding free MLM leads is something you don’t want to toy with especially considering the fact that your success is affected largely by the number of people to whom you expose your business. After all you cannot always buy leads or get them only through paid methods.

As much as it is such an important aspect of your business, you must however pay attention to how you should generate leads. Your sponsor might ask you to make a list of your warm market prospects; or you could choose to hang up banner ads at road intersections; some even stick up flyers on car windshields or wear vests inscribed with an ad to arouse curiosity.

Whether these and other old school traditional methods work or not is beyond the scope of this article. It is very important however to analyze the method you want to use to generate leads because you always want to project the image of a professional network marketer. It will also affect the prospects’ decision to join you or not.

Let us now look at some free Network Marketing leads generation techniques in Nigeria that position you as the professional network marketer that you need to be.

Forum marketing

Joining a network marketing forum is a good way to gain access to people who are already sold on the industry. Can you imagine the great potential made available to you by belonging to a niche-exclusive group where you could stand out as a leader?

By writing and posting valuable content for forum members to read, you could start gaining popularity among the membership. In time you could put your blog link or website link to your posts and generate hot, pre-sold, qualified leads that already see you as a leader worth following.

Getting free MLM leads through network marketing forums is an excellent and professional way to build your business. But that is not all.

Article marketing

People are looking for free quality information on network marketing every day on the internet in Nigeria and around the world. One place they find such useful information is in article directories. Have you been to lately? If you have, then you’ll understand.

Carefully researched articles will provide you with a powerful combination of positioning and lead generation. You’ll end up with free mlm leads after people read your articles, click on your link and land on your website or blog. On your website or blog you over deliver on the content and they’re hooked on you. Your lead capture page finishes the task of the lead generation process.

Social marketing

Social networking sites like facebook offer people the platform to connect and interact with friends. For the network marketer in Nigeria, this is a wonderful tool for building relationships that feed his business. It is like a funnel that guides liquid into a narrow-mouthed container.

How do you generate free MLM leads using facebook or any other social site?

Create a fan page with your name and your photo. The advantage of a Fan Page over your profile is that you can have a limitless number of friends. Your fan page is business-oriented and is aimed at promoting you as a network marketing guide. In that case, do not promote your opportunity upfront on your fan page.

To get free MLM leads using your business page, do not pitch your friends, it is more profitable to use educational marketing to earn their trust and increase your credibility. Only after then will you be in a very good position to make them your leads by leading them to your capture page so that you will be able to get their information.

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