Low Cost Lead Generation – How To Tell Your Articles Are Doing Their Job

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Let’s talk about how you can tell if your labors toward building a thriving low cost lead generation business are going where they should. Here is one method of tracking your efforts.


Starting and growing a business takes effort and lots of hard work to make it grow and flourish. That also applies to a Network Marketing business. To get it to the point of doing what you want it to do, you have to do the activities on a consistent basis to get it there. Just because a network marketing endeavor doesn’t cost as much to start as other types of business doesn’t mean it doesn’t take similar amounts of work.

MLM LeadsWith Article Marketing and low cost MLM lead generation, you have to set the stage for success. Like an insurance salesman, you have to build a base and eventually, if you are consistent, the desired results will come. An insurance salesman will track his success by his consistent activity of contacting people about their insurance needs.


So, regarding your business activity, how do you track it and know where you are in your success growth? What do you do that relates to the insurance guy and his calling on folks about their insurance needs.


What you do is write articles. This is the way you get in front of all of those people who are looking for what you have to offer, how to learn the ins and outs of low cost lead generation. Along with that, you have to be very consistent and put your best quality into your writing.


If an insurance salesman just called a prospect when ever he felt like it, would he create the success that he set out for? No, he has to do it every work day and keep doing it to have the success that he expects. You too have to do it consistently every work day to make it happen for you.


Writing articles and submitting them gets you in front of information seekers. Doing that activity also puts you in the good graces of the search engines if you follow the rules. Search engines are programed to look for consistency as well as your use of the key words in your articles ( for example, low cost lead generation ), and how you link them back to your blog or website.


Now, how do you know that what you are doing is making progress?


The Alexa tool bar has one way with a dandy little feature that shows you where any URL address ranks with the search engines. Put you web address in your browser and it will tell you where you are in that ranking. Google is the number one site. The closer you get to that, the more exposure you will have to the whole world audience.


New web sites start out in the 21,000,000 range in my experience and advance toward number one from there. That high number could be bigger with the entrance of more websites onto the web. The idea is that your numbers will go down as your search engine optimization increases.


Some who have worked hard and steady have reached the one million area in a couple of months. And then there are those who have reached the three hundred thousand area in three months. Hard consistent work and good quality content are what will make it happen faster. The one hundred thousand area seems to be a good place to shoot for to have the big success you seek.