RMPInfotec: A Network Marketing (MLM) Company in India is Your Way to Success.

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It means the business –

1) has great financial muscles,

2) Has strong & highly professional management,

3) Has integrity, 4) is legit (no cash-based transactions),

5) Transparent,

6) Secured &

7) Going to last for a long, long time.

RMPInfotec is one of the very few Network Marketing companies in India to last for at least 16 years (since 2001) & still going strong. And in a huge country like India “market saturation” is hardly an issue. If that’s not reason enough to join RMPInfotec – then what else? Mind you there’s no surety or longevity about the other MLM companies in India. You never know when it’s going to close down. So instead of running after these namby-pamby companies, just because it’s cheaper, it’s better if you invest your time & money in a power-house called RMPInfotec Pvt. Ltd. By the way, have you invested in traditional investment saving schemes [TISS]? Isn’t your investment “blocked” for years? And how much do you get in return? Isn’t there risk attached to it?

Ok now compare this with the financial benefits in RMPInfotec – 1) No money is blocked for years! 2) You get mind-boggling returns by spending a few 1000 rupees! (Unimaginable in TISS.) 3) There’s NO RISK at all! Understood na? Close “Why should I choose your RMPInfotec over any other MLM company?” The most common monthly purchases are Big Bazaar Coupons. THEREFORE, A BIG-BAZAAR MALL HAS TO EXIST IN YOUR CITY/TOWN. If not, you’re DOOMED…I mean it will then not be practical for you to join at all. You do not except to travel to another city to buy basic items from the mall. Isn’t? But wait…there’s light at the end of the (BigBazaar) tunnel. “What kind of light?” you may ask. It’s this: these coupons have 9 months validity. Good news, Right? Now smile please! So you’re not as DOOMED as I’d, mischievously, made it out to be. So you’ve ample time to visit the nearest BigBazaar mall with a collection of these coupons. Or, if you love a bit of adventure, call Kishore Bhiyani & request him to open a BigBazaar mall in your town. [But if you’re in a village…forget it. Chances are nil. Or you may even request him to open a Small-bazaar in your village. Try your luck! ] RMPians, in case you didn’t know, are THE most DEVOTED & REGULAR customers of BigBaazar! If you’ve the mall in your city the smartest thing for you to do is to join RMPInfotec? Plain & simple! Close “What if BigBazaar mall doesn’t exist in my city/town?” If you’re living in area which doesn’t have any RMPInfotec branch/franchisee office then the amount that’ll be deducted from your weekly commission (for ex. – 10% for commission between 1000-5000) will be given in the form of Big Bazaar coupon(s) in denominations of Rs 100 along with your cheque. But to use this coupon & for the monthly Family Mart Plan(FMP) purchase you’ve to visit a local RMPInfotec office (scroll down to the bottom of the page that’ll open after clicking this link).

NOTE: But if a local franchisee office EXISTS then the amount deducted will be credited to your FMP account. In fact, you’ll be given an Anywhere Purchase (AWP) card that will represent this account. You then have to insert this card in an Interactive Kiosk installed in the local office. The machine will spit-out a printed slip. You can then use this slip to buy BigBazaar coupons from the local office. Understood na? Close “What if there’s no RMPInfotec office in my city/town?” You’ll face dire consequences: YOU’LL GO TO TIHAR JAIL! YOU’LL BE LOCKED UP FOR AT LEAST 1 MONTH! Well…no prize for thinking that this is a joke! Coz that’s precisely what it is – A JOKE! The non-joke answer is: If you, voluntarily, DO NOT MAKE ANY MONTHLY PURCHASE, and then RMPInfotec itself will send you a product randomly chosen from the e-commerce package after debiting from your FMP account. And if your FMP account doesn’t contain enough fund, then you’ll not receive any FMP-incentive from the purchases of your downline distributors for that month. OF COURSE, YOU WILL KEEP ON GETTING YOUR NETWORK-BASED COMMISSIONS. DONT WORRY! Close

“What’ll be the consequences if I do not make the monthly purchase? ” Chalo apko maf kiya! That’s the right kind of hope. Keep it up! I like the optimism in your thinking. We need people like you, really. Just think, where RMPInfotec will be without such optimism! RMPInfotec is NOT a fly-by-night company! It’s a ISO 9001:2008 certified company. It’s also a member of FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers & Commerce). A MLM business to be qualified as legal should meet a basic criterion it should’ve a product or service to sell. Does RMPInfotec qualify? Yes it does. It has not just 1 but lots of products. Besides it does its business in full compliance with the tax rules. Every month crores of rupees are deposited in the government coffers through RMPInfotec transactions. That keeps the government happy, as well as, makes the RMPians more happier! Close “I hope RMPInfotecmafhi chahata hoon is not a fly-by-night company?”

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