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Connecting with PeopleMLM business sponserWe have all heard of know, like and trust BUT a huge mistake people make in prospecting, marketing and sales is that they never build a strong rapport or connection with their prospects before pitching them on their business; Nuriche or any other. This makes the business hard, no fun and full of rejection. Plus others see your business (the business you want them to join) for only “sales types” and just a pitch-fest. Simple remember to create the relationship first, the “friendship” and the rest will tend to fall in place. If you don’t have a good connection with your prospect, you’ll never know his/her real objection. As corny as it may sound to some; people want you to be interested in them, to care about them and if the connections is there it opens it up to discuss their concerns, objections and desires for your business in a much more open and easy manner. This if often overlooked and if you place this into practice, people will trust you more, connect with you better and that will result in sponsoring more people.



Pre-qualifying – This is another common mistake and part of the process that is overlooked. Some of you may know that I spent years as a mortgage company owner and a very successful loan originator. Pre-qualifying a prospects come from years of experience in that prior profession to determine the best and highest use of my time. You see a prospect that could not buy a home (terrible credit, no job, high debts, low motivation, unrealistic expectations, etc) was not really a prospect and more like a suspect. Many loan officers did not understand it and I see tons and tons of people in network marketing that just don’t get this either. A prospect will have a genuine conversation with you and will ask questions but they make sense. A suspect wants to make $10,000 a month but has no money, doesn’t know anyone, wants to know why they can’t get in for no-cost, thinks network marketing doesn’t work or whatever else but you get the picture. You must develop a series of questions to ask prospects and/or a marketing funnel to filter through and separate the real prospects from the suspects for your Nuriche or other business. Develop a set of questions (or check out my next article or video) that will take a prospect through a few key questions to see if there is a basis to spend time talking about working together.

Find their WHY – What do they want and why? Ask questions to discover and find their need as it is different for each person. In fact, I made a huge mistake for years and missed this step, sponsored people into my program anyway and then wondered why they never did anything (but complain or drift away). Fortunately, if people have come through your marketing funnel; chances are you’re not talking to someone unless they have a strong desire or WHY but you need to figure out what it is. Take people through this process and you will weed out the people that usually are you big time wasters and end up with better prospects for your business.

Follow these three powerful steps to gain maximum leverage on your Nuriche business and align with better partners to go on and build a successful business