Paid Traffic in Solo Ads for your MLM Business

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If you spend any amount of time in your MLM business, right now STOP reading and ask yourself what do you do on a daily basis that actually brings people to your business to sign up. If you said I tell a few people at work, or I get in conversations while I’m out and about, that is good; it is good because it is something. I do not want you to get confused that buying business cards was actually doing business.

It’s not one of the things that really ends entrepreneurs business hopes and this is not just for home business owners (like me) or traditional business owners; but they do have a constant daily operation that they perform. Going out and talking to people while you’re out and about will cause you to be out and about every day in order to prospect and that is if you actually open your mouth.
Well, if you want to get something consistent, blogging is the definite way to go. Just blog about your company and the products on a consistent basis and that will give you a lot of leverage. However, you also want to get into the paid traffic methods (and don’t you go running out the room). When I use to think of paid traffic, all I could think of was Google and their home-business-shut-down-operation. The thing is that there are plenty more websites and paid media methods that can turn around nice profits for you.

Solo Ads for MLM Business

One of the methods I use and have seen plenty of industry “heavyweights” use is something called SOLO-ADS. Solo ads is an advertisement sent to a newsletter email list or to an ezine with your ad on it for your offer. It’s pretty simple when you think about it. You write and email and give it to a guy or guy who has a loyal targeted list of potential customers; and they send it to their list on your behalf.
It is third party verification on steroids. You have credibility because you paid him to talk to his people on your behalf. These things usually cost around $100 and can go up to $500 dollars or more. The bigger or more responsive the list you are renting, the higher it may cost. You simply gotta shop around for good deals and avoid landmine or sharks. The best part about paid traffic in solo ads is that it is not a lot of work. The most laborist part is shopping for a good list that is available to run solo ads on.

Once you begin to grow your own list, you can now begin to do ad swaps so that you do not necessarily have to paid, you can just barter. This will build you a list and help you venture with other ezine or newsletter list holders.

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