Attraction Marketing – Giving The Prospect The Value He Deserves

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attraction marketing prospectBy reading this attraction marketing information, you will discover the very method top earners are using to sponsor a truck-load of reps in their primary business and how you too can steal their method and go miles with your network marketing business.

Which would you like?

Chasing after people for a chance to work with them or people chasing after you for a chance to work with you?

The former describes the traditional method most networkers use; the latter illustrates the professional system very few have discovered to be very effective.

It is called Attraction Marketing.


What is all this Attraction Marketing thing about ?

The best way to define attraction method is to illustrate it.

John wants to start a home based business but is unsure if network marketing is a good fit for him. He goes on the internet and makes a research on network marketing. He comes across a blog that provides very valuable and relevant information on network marketing.

The blog even offered him a free ebook that contains invaluable insights into network marketing and insider tips on how to run a profitable mlm business. After reading the ebook, he contacts the owner of the blog, Jack, and shows interest in Jack’s mlm opportunity.

Jack receives tens of such calls from qualified prospects every day because he practices attraction system.

As you can see from the above real life scenario, Attraction Marketing is the use of marketing strategy that provides educational value to a potential customer therefore positioning you as someone who has credibility and worthy of following. This makes you attractive to prospects who will now seek you out on their own.

Attraction marketing works on the principle of giving value upfront without requesting monetary reward or commitment from the prospect. It is called leading with value first.

Attraction marketingYou must give before you can receive. This simply means that before you offer your business opportunity to someone, you position yourself, by leading with value.

The objective is not to present the business opportunity until after you have established yourself as a person of value, thereby increasing the chances of people joining your team

Why is it important to establish yourself as credible before you ever present the opportunity?.

The reason is because people do not join a business, they join you.

Having read this far, how can you apply attraction technique in your home based or network marketing business?



The key to making all this work in your business is Positioning.

Instead of going around promoting the features of your company and the benefits of its products, you should be providing valuable information to your target market using educational marketing.

As a matter of fact there are a handful of factors that do not matter to your prospects. Some of them are:

  • We have the best comp plan on the planet
  • My product has every vitamin and mineral that exists
  • My product is simply the best
  • My company sponsors an all-expenses paid travel every year
  • We’re in pre-launch and already 10,000,000 people have signed on

All these features do not mean a thing to prospects. They are only interested in the value YOU have to offer them as part of the solution they are looking for

The bottom line is positioning yourself in a way that potential prospects will see you as someone providing valuable information on the topic of their interest and not as someone trying to sell them something.

Attraction method doesn’t have to be applied online only. It could also be done offline. However, most successful attraction marketing businesses are the online version.

Applying attraction method in your business will eliminate most or even all the unpleasant experiences that are common in network marketing. Things like rejection, resistance, embarrassment and stress.