Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing is a phrase that seems to confuse and delight many a marketer. Some argue that it is nothing more than The Emperors New Clothes and when push comes to shove, has little to show in terms of real results. Others, (those who sell slick sales pages that promise the world and deliver re-hashed information products, argue that this is the only way; to market without a full and clear understanding of the principles behind attraction marketing is like running a marathon barefoot – you might make it to the end of the race, but it will be a damn painful experience along the way

As for me..? I sit somewhere on the fence and my results have proven that on this occasion the fence is a good place to be. Let me explain…

Attraction Marketing – What Is It All About?

The basic principle behind attraction marketing is that you give before you receive. As network marketers, this means offering your knowledge freely and openly as a way to attract people to you. It’s a simple enough concept but the big question is this; does it work?

The short answer is NO.

Not in isolation at least and before you jump down my throat and tell me that all the big guys out there online are experts at attracting prospects without ever having to go out and prospect, let’s take a closer look at what really happens when the big guys go fishing in the pond.

There are a number of different marketing systems and models out there but they all come down to the same basic three step process – it really is this simple so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Here are the three steps to any good marketing model.

  1. Lead Generation

This is where the marketer starts his or her journey to find new business partners or customers. Some will buy leads, others will learn to generate them online and others will talk to anyone and everyone they meet until they find someone prepared to listen.

Whatever method you or your team work with, it’s all the same part of the process and step 1 is simply a numbers game. Without playing the game you have no chance of winning the prize.

Now, although you may not have realised this or maybe you haven’t even thought about it until now, this first step is where the process of attraction marketing begins and where most marketers fail through no fault of their own.

People are people. Okay?

People make judgments based upon looks, dress, race, age, sexual orientation, education, social background and any number of other factors the human brain decides in an instance is either a desirable trait or something to leave behind in the gutter.

We, as people, are either repelled or attracted to another person and if you are marketing your home based business using your personal brand (Remeber YOUInc has been all the rage in the last five years online) you better know that people will and do judge you on all the above and more.

So, what can you do about it if you’re butt ugly and have a voice like Marlon Brando and go by the name of Gloria?

I’ll get to that shortly but first let’s take a look at the next part of the marketing model.

  1. Lead Conversation

This is the part where the lead (bought, generated or persuaded) has agreed to take a closer look at what it is you (the network marketer or home business owner) has to offer.

This is where it gets interesting and where the principles of attraction marketing really begin to kick in if you know what you are doing and have the patience, skill and understanding to play this part of the game the right way and that is slowly and skilfully, providing information all the way along this part of the path.

There are a lot of tools out there that will let you master this bit of the model and it’s in your interest to find the ones that will work for you.


If you have a great voice and can carry a conversation well, Skype calls are cheap and cheerful and will let you contact and connect with your prospects right across the globe with little fuss. If you write well and provide information clearly, emails are a good option for you and if you are able to build a local contact list and you brush up well, what better way to move things forward than to shake hands over a coffee in Starbucks once in a while.


What’s needed for each and all of these options is the ability to manage your time and your contacts correctly. A bigger list will place bigger demands and contrary to what you might have heard, network marketing businesses are not build by newsletter subscribers but are built by distributors and you really only need to bring in 5-10 new people per month to start seeing some real growth in your team. A quality conversation with a smaller number of people will always outscore a brief and impersonal interaction with many. Remember, this second part is about filtering through your prospects to see who is serious and who is simply playing footsie with you beneath the Starbucks coffee table.

  1. Lead Conversion

This is where it gets very interesting and where the majority of marketers fail. Over and over again, they fail and the recent increase in attraction marketing mayhem has, in my own humble (okay, not so humble  ) opinion made matters worse and made network marketers much more confused.

Listen up!

If you don’t ask for the sale IT WILL NOT COME!!

Sorry to shout but if I don’t you might miss this one and it is vital to your success and future happiness.

When you have taken the time, spent the money and shed a little blood along the way in order to generate (or buy) that lead you’ve been talking to for the past three to six months (offering them your free eBook on “Facebook for Idiots” or “How To Tell If Your Twitter Followers Are Perverts” – okay, made that one up).. it is your duty to ask for the sale. You gotta try to close; no, read that again.. you gotta learn to close!

If you don’t ask you are not in business; you are playing for fun and not for profit and will end up in debt (more debt) with only your reputation left intact and everything else in tatters.

Attraction marketing doesn’t and shouldn’t prevent you from having a direct conversation with someone you have spoken with, helped and possibly even met face to face and asking them to give you the time to talk to them about what you do in real detail, to outline the pay plan, the product, training and team support and explain what it is that made you believe this was and is a good business model for them. You have to be prepared to ask.

Do this right and you will soon find your team starts to grow and your confidence right along with it. Learn to do this without effort and you will find yourself heading down that road to financial freedom.attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing – The bottom Line…


Network marketing is a people business. Learn to prospect, connect and communicate with people naturally and without looking like you’re desperate and pretty soon you’ll be attracting new team members into your organisation even if you are butt ugly..

(which I’m sure you’re not)


Attraction Marketing – Stop Struggling And Start Sponsoring!


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Attraction Marketing MLM Secrets


You may have been hearing about attraction marketing lately and you could be wondering what that really means and what all the excitement is about. This article will provide some attraction marketing MLM secrets that should be of great benefit to network marketers, even though this alternative kind of selling works in every field imaginable; not just multi-level marketing.


In the past, the way people were trained to sell was in a manner that was rather manipulative. Trainees were instructed that prospective customers have your cash in their wallets and your only job is to get them to give you the money that is rightfully yours. The problem is that most people don’t like pushy salespersons, so they resist them. Salespersons were taught techniques intended to resist their resistance.


A lot of time is spent in traditional sales training dealing with overcoming objections. The idea is get the prospect to believe his objections just do not have much in the way of validity.


People who use the traditional sales method often rely on cold calling to find leads. Then they qualify their leads, estimating the chances that they will buy, which determines how much effort they will put into manipulating them into making a purchase.


Contrast that with the way attraction marketers get their leads. They allow individuals who are in need of, or desire the very thing they are selling, to come to them, inquiring for information. This is where the Internet can do wonders. In this day and age there is no reason on earth to bother people you know, or even strangers, asking them to join your program.


If you are an attraction marketer you wouldn’t be caught dead doing cold calls or engaging in any kind of sales manipulation. With every passing year, it seems like people dislike high pressure, traditional sales techniques more and more. People, in general, don’t appreciate the feeling that they are being “sold to”. They resist, big time, when they get that feeling.


The ironic aspect to this is the fact the people love to buy even though they do not like being sold to. If you tell a salesperson you do not need help, but she keeps making suggestions, you would probably just do your business elsewhere.


You need to be helpful rather than try to make money. The MLM member who is more concerned about helping others learn how to make money, then trying to make money herself, can not help but make money, as a result. If you go out of your way to provide helpful information, while not pressuring your prospects, you are going to engender a sense of trust. Many of your prospects will grow to like you.


Now more than ever, people prefer to do business with individuals that they like and trust. In time, you will grow a reputation for being a likable, trustworthy person, and prospects will be drawn to your MLM program.


It is good to do things that make you stand out in the multi-leveling marketing community. Some sponsors go to great lengths to find things of value to give to every one of their prospects, whether or not they sign up to their program. It might be a report or an e-book that helps them meet a goal or solve a problem.


A number of super star MLM sponsors are known for sometimes recommending that their prospects go to some other program, because they said something that made the sponsor realize another program would be ideal for them. This kind of thing usually gets discovered, and the sponsor ends up being more attractive than ever. These are some powerful attraction marketing MLM secrets. What you do with them is entirely up to you.


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